After years of eagerly waiting, you’re finally going to reach out to someone about installing a pool in your backyard.

That’s not just any backyard pool, however… you want a pool that’s going to be entirely unique to you and your home.

You probably have several ideas of features you’d like the pool to have when it’s all said and done. In that case, you’re going to need a custom pool builder.

Finding the right one takes time, but it’s worth the effort. Here are several tips on how to go about finding the right custom pool builder for your future oasis.

1. Ask How Long They’ve Been In Business

Finding the right custom pool builder is no small task. It’s going to take a bit of research to find the right company that you’ll want to work with.

Fortunately, a lot of your concerns about the company you’re thinking of hiring can be resolved by simply asking them a few questions about their history.

How long have they been in business? How many pools have they installed over that course of time? Have they installed a pool similar to the one you’re trying to build? Do their subcontractors have proper licensing?

These are all valuable questions to answer. If you notice that they’re dodging any of the above questions, you should cross them off your list.

2. Request a Reference or Two

You’ve been waiting a long time for this custom pool to be built. you’ve probably been saving up money for years in preparation for this event. Now that it’s almost here, you want to make sure that money is used properly.

One of the best things you can do to get a true sense of the pool builder’s prior work is to ask for references.

Only a trusted team of pool builders will be transparent enough with their clients to offer the contact information of previous clients (that have agreed to be a future reference). 

From there you can ask questions such as the customer’s experience, the turnaround time, how close the final project was to their initial plans, etc.

3. What Recommendations Would They Have for Your Plans?

You want to make sure the pool builder that you’re doing business with has the experience and know-how that you’ll need for the construction and design of your pool.

As such, a great way to feel that out is to ask them what recommendations they would make to your plans.

List out everything that you’ve thought of integrating into your pool such as a swim-up bar, deep end, diving board, etc. and see what feedback they have.

Are they willing to make arrangements and adjust their plans around what you (the customer) wants? If they say that something isn’t possible, are they making other recommendations for alternative ideas?

You will only want to do business with a pool builder that understands how the customer’s desires always come first. 

Their job is to offer a solution for all of your wants. This will help you ensure that your dream pool becomes a reality.

4. Take Notice of the Communication Factor

No matter what pool builder you choose to hire for your custom pool building project, you will be in constant communication with them. 

There will be random calls throughout the entire project to ask questions, provide clarity, or make alternate plans.

Because of that, you want to take mental notes of the communication between you and the pool builder when you initially reach out to them.

Can you see yourself communicating and building a professional relationship with this company as your pool is being built? Is there anything off-putting about the way they take to you? If so, consider the fact you’ll have to talk with them for several months.

You want to make sure the pool builder you hire is as focused on the communication factor as you are. If not, erase them from your list and reach out to the next company that you find.

5. Discuss the Finer Details

At the end of the day, this is a business relationship that you’re going to be signing a contract for. 

That means that you should be learning all that you can about their service prior to signing the dotted line. The more questions you ask, the more comfortable you’ll feel in entrusting your pool project to them.

As such, any and all questions you have should be asked. If you have a question about their interior pool finishes, ask them.

Should you be wondering about the equipment they’ll be using during construction, it never hurts to have the details listed out. 

Be sure to get a firm understanding of things such as construction time, overall costs, personnel size (for their workforce), what time each day they’ll be working until, etc.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask them about the payment methods for the project. It might seem taboo to ask, but it’s necessary to make sure you’re both on the same page.

Find the Custom Pool Builder for Your Project Today!

Now that you’ve seen several of the most important things to search for in a custom pool builder, it’s time to reach out a find the right one for your dream pool!

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For more inquiries, be sure to request a free consultation online and we’ll be happy to assist you further!