Congratulations on being among the 104 million people who own a swimming pool. Owning a residential swimming pool is an accomplishment. It takes hard work and persistence to get there.

But that isn’t the hardest part of the journey. Taking care of your pool is equally challenging. If you ignore this pressing need, you risk rendering the pool unusable.

So what should you do to protect your pool? Consider investing in a pool cover. It keeps debris out of the pool and reduces water loss by evaporation, among other benefits.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an idea on how to choose the best pool cover. Dive in to learn how.

Determine the Size of Your Pool

Determining body size is most people’s first step before shopping for clothes. After all, you don’t want an outfit that’ll be oversize or undersized. The same principle applies when you want to buy a pool cover.

Get the measurements of the pool before selecting a pool cover. If you have trouble measuring the pool’s size, enlist a professional for help. Knowing your pool’s dimensions makes it easier to select a cover that covers it properly.

Consider yourself lucky if you own a standard-size pool. Shops stock covers fit these pools properly. And they are a bit cheaper than other options.

It’s recommendable that the pool cover extends a few inches past the pool’s actual measurement. Keep this in mind, especially if your pool isn’t a standard size.

Look at the Pool’s Shape Before Choosing a Suitable Pool Cover

Swimming pools come in a variety of designs. Symmetrical shapes such as the kidney, Grecian, and rectangular designs are the most common. But there’s a group that loves to customize the design into unique shapes.

It’s easier to get a cover for pools with symmetrical shapes. Retailers anticipate more clients to shop for them, so they have most of these covers in different designs.

Most likely, you need to make a reservation for a custom pool cover if your pool is of a unique design.

Select the Appropriate Material for the Cover

Just like in clothes, superior materials are reserved for the best pool covers. There are three types of materials you can choose for a pool cover. These are the heavy-duty mesh safety covers, solid safety covers, and mesh safety covers.

A solid safety cover offers the best protection for pool safety. It inhibits algae growth in the pool since it blocks the sunlight from penetrating the pool. This is the go-to cover if you wish to increase the pool’s spring opening efficiency.

A heavy-duty mesh pool cover is a high-end cover that allows trace amounts of sunlight to pass through. This material is just as good as the solid safety pool cover in protecting people and animals from falling into the swimming pool. It’s great for pools that neighbor areas with a heavy tree cover.

Mesh pool covers are lightweight and easy to clean. But they allow a considerable amount of sunlight to penetrate the pool. Their main advantage is their longevity, lasting up to 15 years with proper maintenance.

The selection of pool cover material should match your needs. The primary elements that’ll influence your choice of a pool cover are the pool’s location and the climatic condition of that location. For instance, mesh pool covers perform well in a mild climate.

Consider the Technology in Use

Technological advancements have birthed automatic pool covers. These covers have capabilities such as trapping heat for future use, thereby cutting your pool’s heating requirement. Automatic pool covers can have significant cost savings implications for households.

But you must assess whether this cover fits your pool before purchasing it. Pools located in cold states, for instance, won’t accommodate an automatic cover. The cold elements deter the cover from functioning efficiently.

Check the Warranty Period

First-time pool buyers have many options while selecting a company to buy a pool cover from. A great number of these companies offer quality products. But that shouldn’t be an excuse to trust all of them blindly.

A reputable manufacturer shouldn’t have trouble giving you a warranty for a long period. It’s a testament to the confidence that they have in their product. If anything goes south within this period, the warranty will cover you.

Price alone shouldn’t be the sole determinant on which firm you buy from. Often, crooks will entice you with low prices that are tantalizing. But they won’t give you a warrant, or they’ll provide one that lasts for a short period.

Compare the Prices

Several reputable dealers offer pool covers at different prices. Narrow down on these players in the market and then compare what each has to offer. Make sure to find out the average pricing for the pool cover that you desire during the process.

It’s wise to work with a dealer who sells at the market average price. It won’t hurt to shop from a dealer who offers a slight discount. Avoid anyone who sells at a price that is too good to be true!

Do Your Research

Find out what past clients say about the place you want to shop for the pool cover. Are they satisfied with the product? Are they recommending the place to other people?

You’ll learn a lot about a shop from past clients even before visiting it. This will smoothen the process of choosing the best place to get the best pool cover.

Protect Your Swimming Pool

You’ve worked hard to have that swimming pool on your residential property. Now it’s time to ensure that you benefit from it for a long time to come. The best way of doing this is to enhance the pool’s protection using a pool cover.

The cover will protect the pool from debris, snow, and water loss by evaporation. Contact Sahara Construction and Custom Pools today for a free consultation.