Temperatures during the summer in Texas typically range from 86°F to 98°F. These very warm temperatures make it a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the heat and go swimming.

Now that you have a pool installation coming up, you soon enough will be able to enjoy the cool water on these hot days. While you wait for the installation day to come, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to prepare your yard and how you should.

This article will explain all you should do to prepare for this pool installation and how you can make the process less confusing for yourself.

Preparing for an Above Ground Pool Installation

You have decided to go with having an above ground pool installed. This type of pool is much less complicated when it comes to installations and the preparation for this installment.

Making sure the area you have chosen is leveled and grass-free is a must. Above ground pools cannot be installed on grass and they have to be leveled. If any areas are not leveled, you can begin to dig them until leveled.

Preparing for an In Ground Pool Installation

In ground pool installations are more complicated than above ground ones. Before the installation, you must make sure you can have the pool installed. 

You will have to look into whether or not you can install this pool by looking into the zoning and bylaws.

Then if you can go through with the installation, looking for any underground pipes and such in this area is important. You will be digging up foundation so making sure there is nothing below that can get damaged is necessary.

Clear Area for Installation

Making sure the area where you have decided your pool will go in is vital for the installation. 

This will not only make it easier for the installers to complete the installation easy, but it will make the other preparation steps easier on you as well. Having a cleared area will help you picture the best placement for your pool. 

Clear up any possible debris such as branches, rocks, etc. Make sure that the installers have enough space to work.

Choose Yard Decor

Once you get done clearing out any debris in your yard, you can begin to choose yard decor to purchase.

There are a wide variety of themes you can go for in your yard, the possibilities are endless. There are many decorations you can do yourself.

If you maybe are not sure what you want, looking at examples online is a good place to start. Once you have an idea of what you want your yard to look like, then you can begin to shop for all the desired decor.

Put Safety Measures in Place

While preparing for decorating your yard and around your swimming pool, having safety measures put in place is important as well.

Before the pool installation, go over some rules to keep you and your family safe and prepared for any possible emergencies while swimming.

1. Invest in Pool Enclosures

Having a pool enclosure not only keeps out unwanted debris, but can keep your children and pets safe from falling in and drowning.

You can use fencing as a barrier and lock the gate when the pool is not in use. This will prevent your children from being able to potentially attempt to use the pool on their own or accidentally fall in. Having fencing is especially important if you are having an in ground pool being installed, as those are easier to fall into.

You also can invest in another barrier such as a pool covering. This will give you an extra layer of security as well as keep unwanted debris out of your pool. A pool covering is perfect for both an above ground pool and in ground pool.

2. Go Over Your Pool Rules 

Having rules put in place is vital to keep you and your loved ones safe while enjoying a day in the pool. 

Here are some rules you can apply:

  • Do not swim alone
  • Swim while someone is supervising
  • Swim while sober
  • Do not enter the pool head first
  • Stay away from drains and suctioning openings
  • Young children must use life jackets 

Talking with your children and loved ones about these rules can prevent drowning accidents and more from taking place.

3. Sign Up Your Children for Swimming Lessons

While you wait for the pool installation to be complete, sign your children up for swimming lessons.

This will help them be ready to use the pool by the time the installation is complete. These lessons will also give them numerous ways to keep themselves safe, which can ease your stress.

4. Invest in Safety Equipment

Along with putting rules in place, having equipment that will keep your family members safe and potentially save their lives is important.

Purchase items such as a first aid kit, throwing equipment, life jackets, and more. Having these will help you prevent accidents from occurring as well as be life-saving if an incident were to take place.

5. Learn What to Do in an Emergency

While you may have everything you need in case an emergency were to occur, you may not know what you should do in these situations.

You can take a class to learn CPR. Knowing how to do CPR is important because drowning accidents occur quite often. Children are especially more at risk for drowning.

Learn how to use any emergency equipment you bought as well.

Pool Expertise for You

Now that you have an idea of how to prepare for your pool installation, you may be wondering who you should contact for your pool service needs?

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