During the hot days of summer, you probably love cooling off in your home swimming pool. But, unfortunately, animals and bugs feel the same way.

These unwelcome visitors may use your pool for a refreshing dip or may accidentally fall in. Wild and domestic animals can wander into your pool area and leave a mess behind to ruin your day.

So, how can you prevent these unwanted animal issues? We have some ideas!

Here are some helpful tips for keeping insects and animals away from your home pool.

Avoid the Obvious

Before you start spending money to prevent wildlife from using your pool, think about some basics you can do to help prevent the problem.

One thing to remember is that all animals are looking for food. When you leave leftover food around your pool, animals consider it an invitation. Instead, after enjoying your outdoor time, make sure extra food is picked up or thrown away.

If you have bird feeders around your pool, consider moving them away from the pool area. If you have overgrown weeds, trees, or shrubbery around your pool, make sure to landscape the area for snake prevention and to deter wildlife.

Use a Pool Cover

Consider using an in-season pool cover. A solar cover is great if you prefer a warm swimming experience.

Swimming pool barriers will deter wildlife from taking a swim in your pool during the summer or winter months. It keeps animals from falling through.

A cover will also minimize water evaporation and help you save money on your water and electric bills.

Buy or Adopt a New Pet 

One of the best animal deterrents is a family pet. If you don’t have a dog, consider buying or adopting one.

A good watchdog doesn’t have to be ferocious to scare away wild animals. A barking dog of any size is a strong deterrent.

Your family pet may be the only animal you want in your pool. You may even want a pet-friendly raft or doggie pool toy for your new family member.

Get Scented Fabric Softener Sheets

Do you like the scent of new dryer sheets? Many people love the smell, but it’s an overwhelming scent for some animals, including insects and rodents. They hate it!

Try rubbing the rim of your pool with a fresh dryer sheet to deter animals. You can also use a spray with a similar scent for the same effect.

Place Potted Plants Near Your Pool

Another idea is to place potted plants around your pool. Growing plants with strong scents like basil or peppermint can be an animal deterrent.

There are also sprays and natural repellants available that you can use on your plants that will deter animals and many types of insects as well.

You can make your own repellant. Try using a combination of Cayenne pepper and water or jalapeño pepper and onion.

Spray regularly, especially after it rains.

Install an Automatic Sprinkler

An automatic sprinkler that sprays the pool area periodically can be a big deterrent for animals. Many animals hate getting wet and will do their best to avoid spraying water.

A sudden burst of water will scare off even the bravest animals. You can use any sprinkler, but an automatic variety makes the process easier.

Turn Off the Lights at Night

Have you noticed how moths and other insects are drawn to light? Lights around or inside your pool draw attention to the water and attract bugs and animals. 

Turn the lights off in the evenings when you’re not using your pool. Remember to extinguish candles and fire pits around the pool area as well.

Use Floating Pool Toys

Did you know that a pool float can deter unwelcome animals? Try using a float in the shape of a lion, crocodile, shark, or another large animal. 

This can intimidate wandering animals and keep them moving along rather than taking a dip in your pool. Animals that are scared of the float may get the message and not come back.

Keep Your Pool Clean

Frogs and bugs love a cloudy, green, stagnant pool. The dirtier the water, the happier they are.

To deter these pests and enjoy your pool, keep it clean all year. Try to stick to a weekly maintenance schedule.

Run the pump for 8 to 10 hours per day and keep the pool sanitized and clean. If you notice animals around the pool at night, try setting the pool cleaner to run at night. This creates noise and can scare off unwelcome animals.

For a sparkling clean pool, enlist the help of a pool cleaning service for regular cleaning and maintenance.

Try Using Chemical Deterrents

There are animal-specific deterrents you can buy to keep the critters away. These aren’t traps or poisons. Instead, they are devices that encourage specific types of animals to go elsewhere.

These products may make noise or increase the surface tension of the water. They won’t affect the water’s chemical balance or cause harm to the animal.

Deter Animals From Your Home Swimming Pool

Are you tired of dealing with pesky animals and insects in and around your pool? There are ways to deter these animals without hurting them.

Your home swimming pool is a fun place for you and your friends or family. You deserve to have a pest-free environment to relax, unwind, and enjoy your day or evening.

At Sahara Construction & Custom Pools, we’ve been building custom pools and patio covers for over 15 years. If you’re interested in designing the perfect pool for your home or in investing in pool maintenance, we’d love to help!

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