Did you know that 17% of adults under the age of 30 in the US own a pool, hot tub, or spa? Pools are incredibly common, especially in areas of the country where you can use them all year round. 

While most people think of swimming as an outdoor activity, an indoor pool is an option that many people often don’t consider. Want to learn more about indoor pools and the value they could add to your home? Read on. 

Added Value

Adding an underground swimming pool to your home can increase the value overall. That’s because it’s an added feature that many families look for when buying a home. In fact, a pool, with a good setup, could increase your home’s overall value by 7%

With an indoor pool, you’re doubling the value of an outdoor pool. Not only is an enclosed pool better overall, but your buyers will also see how much more potential it has. They will see the many ways they can use it throughout the year. 

Year-Round Use

An outdoor pool gives you a limited number of months to enjoy it due to the weather. As it starts getting cooler, your pool will be too cold to use. Essentially, you’ll have a body of water in your backyard that is unusable for half the year. 

However, an indoor pool takes away the limited use of an outdoor pool. You’ll be able to use an indoor pool throughout the whole year, without fear of it being too cold. This is great for those who wholeheartedly enjoy the swimming pool lifestyle. 


Another indoor swimming pool advantage is the privacy you’ll get. Your enclosed space is an extension of your homestead that gives you protection from nosy neighbors. Many homeowners enjoy this aspect of an indoor pool because it makes it a more intimate setting. 

Since your pool is indoors, this also allows you to make more noise without fear of upsetting nearby residents. This is perfect for families with many kids who like to have fun without worrying about noise. Your neighbors will be grateful, all while taking away your need to worry. 

Less Maintenace

If you’ve ever talked to an outdoor pool owner, they’ve most likely told you about all the maintenance that comes with it. Many say this is a huge downfall to owning a pool and wish it wasn’t difficult to maintain. 

Thankfully, an indoor pool takes a considerable amount of maintenance away. The overall cleaning of an indoor pool is reduced since there won’t be any dirt or debris falling in your private pool. You won’t need to skim the water with nets to get out leaves, branches, or bugs. 

Your shelter also helps give the pool filters an easier job to maintain a clean environment. You won’t have to constantly change the filters since they will last much longer than outdoor pools. 

When bad weather approaches, you’ll find most outdoor pool owners scrambling to cover their pools for protection. Since your indoor pool is enclosed, you won’t have to worry about the extra work needed to protect your pool. 

Fewer Chemicals

There are several chemicals needed to upkeep your pool’s environment. That’s because the sun’s UV rays significantly affect the water. The sun makes it hard for the water to maintain a proper PH level, meaning chlorine and sanitation chemicals are needed. 

Your structured building protects your pool’s water from the direct exposure of these UV rays. Sunlight may still penetrate windows and vents, meaning you’ll still need some chemicals. However, the number of chemicals you’ll need will be significantly reduced, making it easier on your body and hair. 


Many people love exercising in pools due to its low impact and stress on the body. Those who have outdoor pools can only do this at certain times of the year. This means they can only exercise in it on weather permitting days. 

An indoor pool gives you the opportunity to exercise year-round, which is highly beneficial to those who rely on low-stress exercises. Many homeowners opt for indoor pools for this option to improve their health overall. 


Pool entertainment is excellent during the summer, but imagine how much better it could be year-round. Pool parties are a great way to entertain your friends and family and can be thrown throughout the year. This will ensure your home is the go-to spot for everyone to enjoy. 

No Winterization

Each year, homeowners must take the proper winterization procedures to ensure no harm is done to the structure of their pools. This winterization often means draining the pool completely. 

An indoor pool is protected from the harsh winter months, meaning no winterization is needed. You won’t need to drain your pool at all during the winter months, making things way more manageable. 

No Overexposure

If you spend too much time in the sun’s UV rays, it can potentially harm your skin, eyes, and body. Overexposure can lead to serious health problems for all age ranges. 

Your private pool takes away the direct sunlight, making it safer for your family to enjoy. Depending on your environment, you may not need to wear sunblock either. This makes it more enjoyable overall without overexposure to the sun. 

The Benefits of Homes with Indoor Pools

Hopefully, all of these benefits of homes with indoor pools help you understand why it’s be better than an outdoor pool setup. 

You’ll be relaxing year-round in your new pool in no time. 

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