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Going Above and Beyond for Our Customers is What Sahara Construction is All About

We love it when our customers take time out of their day to share their experiences with Sahara Construction & Custom Pools on our Facebook page.

Just the other day, Jared and Stephanie Sears posted this message to our timeline:

Chris and Sahara built our pool two years ago. This past week a pair of goggles and a sock somehow found their way into a suction line (kids – have to love them). We called out a local plumber (name withheld) who struggled to resolve the issue. Throughout the ordeal I was in touch with Chris. Chris provided much needed help and info to share with the plumbing company. Eight hours later the local plumbing company left without clearing the pipe while also managing to break their auger bit – in the clogged line. This was on Friday evening at 5 o’clock. Having already drained the pool for the work we were a bit stressed. I called Chris to give him and update to which he replied, “Relax. My guys will be there tomorrow morning.” Mind you, this would be Saturday morning! His team showed up, worked their tails off and got us up and running again. This is who and what Shara is about. They aren’t a company who just builds your pool. Sahara is a company who takes care of their customers. Loyalty! To anyone considering a new pool feel free to reach out.

Being able to take care of our customers is what our business is all about. Whether it’s designing and building a custom pool or outdoor patio, or swooping in to fix an issue at the drop of a hat, we’ll be there for you.

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