Installing or renovating a swimming pool is an exciting process with lots of decisions to make.

The design options for your new swimming pool are a myriad, and there’s a ton of inspiration out there for you. Sometimes, the best way to figure out what you want is to look at what other people have done. 

And people have done plenty in creating amazing swimming pool designs.

We want to go sit by these pools with something cold to drink and nowhere to be all day. Read on to find some of the best swimming pool designs.

Have a Waterfall or Two 

One of the quickest ways to add luxury to any swimming pool is to add a waterfall.

Whether it takes up a full side of the pool or it’s a little trickle in from one side, having that extra movement makes everything so much more beautiful. And there are so many amazing ways to incorporate waterfalls into your pool design.

But let’s be honest here, is one waterfall enough when you could have two?

Some of the most extravagant pools have a waterfall on one end and then a second waterfall spilling down into a lower level pool. These look like something straight out of a movie, and also like somewhere we want to spend our entire summer.

Add Some Cool Deck Features

The quickest way to add character to your pool is to add some major deck features.

Whether you’re going for an opulent Mediterranean look or a lush jungle vibe, the secret is all in the dressings. And the good news is you can do this even if you already have a pool that you want to dress up.

If the artistic style of The Prince of Egypt is your aesthetic, and you always liked the look of that big marble palace, we have the perfect idea for your deck.

Add some large (and we mean LARGE) urns around one side of your pool, and put in some golden lighting. We guarantee you’ll feel like royalty in no time.

Break Out of the Normal Shape

A lot of swimming pools tend to stick to the same basic shapes – you’ve got your rectangle, your oval, and your misshapen bean. But if you want to set your pool apart, changing up the shape can be a great way to do that.

What shape you go for depends on what style you want.

If you’re looking to get a sleek, modern vibe, why not add an L-shaped swimming pool?

A half-circle pool will bring a sort of asymmetric class to your back yard. And if you want to go totally hog wild, you could make your pool shaped like anything – the state of Texas, for instance.

Add Some Walls

Another great way to make your pool feel instantly more opulent is to add some walls around it. Depending on your neighborhood codes (and your relationship with the neighbors), these could surround your whole back yard or only border a part of your pool. Your budget and your homeowners’ association are the limits.

If you’re adding walls around your whole back yard, you may want to go for sandy-colored stone and a Tuscan vibe to the back yard. Or if you’re adding a wall on one side of your pool, why not add an interesting feature like a garden or a lounging area on top? You could also incorporate some brightly-patterned tile to bring a splash of color to your deck.

Make Use of Glass Walls

There are few things more beautiful than a well-designed glass wall in a pool.

We can’t explain why it’s so wonderful, but there is something mesmerizing about watching all that water move through a glass wall. It gives the light so much more room to play, and it leaves us daydreaming about summer even in the dead of January.

Talk to your contractor about how to add a glass wall to your pool.

If you’re doing an above-ground pool, you shouldn’t have a hard time making at least one of the walls out of glass. Otherwise, the best way to manage it is to build your pool into the side of a hill if you have one handy.

Put in Some Stone

Stonework adds such a wonderful texture to any space, and swimming pools are no exception.

A lot of swimming pool designs tend to use smooth concrete or polished marble. But adding some rough stone to your swimming pool can give it an amazing natural look.

Depending on the aesthetic you’re going for, you may want to add large stone slabs around your pool to create a hot springs/rain forest look.

If you want a more Italian countryside vibe, build a retaining wall out of tan stones. Or, if you want to have a truly opulent look, there’s always granite to build the world’s most beautiful deck out of.

Bring Things Indoors

Everyone knows swimming pools (at least private ones) go outside — we have decks and hammocks and places to lay in the sun.

But what if you want less a sunbathing spot and more a tranquil place to enjoy a cocktail and a few laps in the evenings?

Putting your swimming pool indoors can always be an option if that’s the style you prefer.

A sunroom is an ideal space to turn into a pool room, and if you don’t have one, you have an excellent excuse to put an extension on the back of your house.

If you want that sophisticated, elegant look, a rectangle pool is best. If you want something bursting with life, why not make the sunroom a greenhouse with a pool included?

Find More Swimming Pool Designs

Looking for swimming pool design ideas may have you feeling like a kid in a candy shop – wanting to look everywhere at once. There are some amazing swimming pool designs out there, and yours can be one of them.

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