Do you have an old swimming pool in your backyard, and you’ve been thinking it needs a facelift? If it’s outdated or starting to show wear and tear, that’s not exactly a bad idea.

This is particularly true if you’re planning to sell your home at any point in the future. You want your pool to add to the property value, and an ugly pool just won’t cut it.

To fix this, you need to find a cost-effective way to revitalize the pool that won’t drain your wallet. Pool construction can be very expensive. It makes sense to avoid investing a lot of money until you’ve considered other alternatives.

While it may not be possible to remove the old pool, good options remain. You could change the landscaping or replace planters and concrete with new seating. Or you could add water features and paint in a new color scheme.

Are you choosing water features to spruce up your custom pool? If you’re considering scuppers, here’s everything you need to know about them.

What Exactly Is A Pool Scupper?

The word “scupper” is actually a nautical reference. It describes a type of outlet that allows water to flow off the deck of a boat.

Swimming pool scuppers are a type of water fountain designed to blend in with swimming pool features. Placed into walls, planters, or other custom elements, they can turn a boring design into something dramatic and remarkable. Due to their cost-effectiveness, they are becoming quite popular.

When it comes to custom pools, scuppers are frequently used to move water from upper to lower levels. They can match any décor and architectural style. More than just a nice look for your pool, they help to circulate water and prevent overflows.

Homeowners like to install scuppers in their pools because they mimic the sound of waterfalls and can help create a sense of being out in nature. Pool scuppers transform the stillness of an ordinary pool into a sensory experience. You can see them, hear them, and glide under to feel them splashing down on you like a real waterfall.

Where Scuppers Belong in the Pool Environment

A good pool designer will balance an element’s visual appeal with practical placement. Typically, scuppers are clustered together in groups, but they can also be installed in singles if placed creatively.

Since they mimic the sounds and feel of waterfalls, pool scuppers are often strategically placed to help create different “zones” in a pool. From dramatic fountain walls to simulated mountain streams, the possibilities are abundant.

Relaxation and Stress Relief Benefits

The sound of rushing water can be hypnotic and helpful for creating a sense of calm. The sensory experience is every bit as beneficial as a nature soundtrack or meditation CD.

Moving water has also been known to create negatively charged ions in the environment, which can combat depression. Water fountain scuppers can be adjusted to create a powerful roaring effect or set to trickle in an almost musical way, so homeowners can customize their surroundings.

Depending on what mood you’re in and the vibe you’re looking to create for the day, it can all be under your control.

By incorporating scuppers into your pool design, you can create a vacation zone right in your backyard! What’s your personal style? What visual effect are you trying to create? Are you going for svelte and elegant, formal, rustic, zen, a rugged wild environment, or something else? The options are endless.

Styles and Materials

Scupper styles vary, which gives you complete flexibility of choice. You could select open-faced clamshells or bowls, fountains, planters with live foliage, spillways, walls, spouts, or any combination of the above.

When you’re ready to make your scupper selection, you’ll find a variety of available materials and finishes. Here are a few of the most popular:

Stone – stone pool scuppers are a popular choice because they come in a wide variety of colors and textures and some inexpensive options are available.

Natural rock – natural rock looks great with rustic or nature themes. It can also be very zen.

Glass – glass is available in many different textures and shades. A talented glass artist could make a custom focal point for your pool that is part sculptural and part functional.

Concrete – concrete is also highly versatile and can be used to create sculptural modern pieces or even mimic natural rock.

Copper – copper is very elegant and creates an old-world, classic look due to its green patina.

Bronze – bronze is also very classic and elegant and available as a finish on popular mass-produced designs.
Stainless steel- stainless steel is practical and durable, and rust-resistant.

Mixed materials – mixed materials can help a designer put together something truly unique. For example, they could build a natural rock surface with glass or copper fountain spouts and scuppers for a truly beautiful look.

Why We Should Design and Install Your Custom Pool 

There are many benefits to using scuppers to maximize your pool’s appeal, and many options to choose from. Sahara Custom Pools’ team of experts can help you install or update yours with scuppers and more.

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