In the state of Texas, there are over 800,000 pools

That means that there’s a pool for every 30 people that live in the state. Among the most beautiful and sought-after pools are custom infinity pools. These are the pinnacle of beauty and design when it comes to custom pools.

If you’re interested in a custom infinity pool, you are probably wondering how much they cost. Infinity pools are the most expensive type of pool to install, and there are several reasons why this is the case.

Let’s take a look at how you can expect to spend for your infinity pool.

What Is an Infinity Pool?

The first thing to understand is what makes a pool an infinity pool. Some people call them zero-edge or rimless pools. One or more sides of the pool are lowered so that water will gently pour out and into a catch basin. This makes it seem like the water is flowing infinitely.

An infinity pool is favored because of its amazing beauty. You will feel like you are floating in a much larger body of water than you are. Many of them have beautiful horizons that seem to stretch on forever and can offer breathtaking views.

This side of the pool is often called the infinity edge. The cost of an infinity pool can vary quite a bit depending on the materials used and the size of the pool. You can expect to pay around $80,000 on average, but it is possible to spend more or less.

Why Are Infinity Pools Expensive?

There are several factors that increase the cost of an infinity pool over basic inground fiberglass pools. Due to the vanishing edge of the pool, a pump has to always move a lot of water from the basin it drains into back into the pool itself. This causes equipment costs to be higher.

Another factor that makes infinity pools more expensive is that the complexity of the design scales with the size. The larger the pool is, the larger the pump needs to be and the more challenging the engineering of the design. This causes the costs to increase in turn.

The longer the infinite edge of the pool is, the more expensive it will be. If you want to reduce the cost of the infinity pool, you can make the vanishing edge smaller. This will not only reduce the cost of building, but it will decrease the associated operating costs as well.

Materials are a significant part of the expense when it comes to infinity pools. A custom infinity pool is not simply poured concrete. The infinite edge has to be see-through for the effect of the pool to work. It also has to be strong enough to prevent any breaches from occurring.

You should also be aware that it is impossible to cover an infinity pool. This means that during periods of cold weather, you can expect to pay more energy bills. The electric pump will always be running, as will the pool heater.

Don’t let the high initial cost keep you from getting the infinity pool that you want. Financial options, including pool financing, are available through reputable builders and banks. Financing is attractive because the pool could cost over $100,000 by the time it is finished.

Advantages of an Infinity Pool

While the cost of having an infinity pool built may be higher than other types of pools, there are some advantages. The most obvious of these advantages is the look and feel of an infinity pool. What you might not know is that infinity pools are easy to keep clean.

Due to the constant motion of the water, algae doesn’t grow as fast. Since the pool is filtering itself all the time, it helps to keep contamination down. This counteracts the fact that you can’t cover an infinity pool while the water is flowing.

Another advantage of an infinity pool is how unique it looks. Even custom concrete pools can seem plain and normal compared to an infinity pool. It will set off your backyard and give your family and guests something that they don’t see every day.

Not only will people take note of your pool, but it will also remain beautiful all year.

Disadvantages of an Infinity Pool

The first disadvantage of an infinity pool is the complexity of its construction. This is the primary driver of the cost, which discourages a lot of potential pool owners. That isn’t the only disadvantage, and there are a few others to consider.

One major disadvantage is that infinity pools take longer than regular vinyl pools to construct. In fact, on average, an infinity pool can take over 12 weeks or longer to complete. This means that you’ll have to deal with the construction process longer than with a normal pool.

While this isn’t a disadvantage for many people, an infinity pool can’t be as deep as a regular pool is. This is because for the illusion it creates to work, it can’t be much deeper than 5 feet. This means that diving or other activities aren’t a good idea in an infinity pool.

As long as you’re aware of the added costs of running an infinity pool, the disadvantages are outweighed by the advantages. Whether at a home or business, infinity pools are among the most impressive and beautiful pools that you can have built. They make a bold statement.

Custom Infinity Pools

There’s no doubt that if you want your pool to be the most unique and beautiful in your area, custom infinity pools are what you need to look into. The final build will be expensive. You can expect to pay between $60,000 and $150,000 or higher, depending on what you want.

If you’re ready to have a pool that makes a statement and brings admiration, Sahara Construction and Custom Pools is here for you. We’ve been helping the people of Katy, TX enjoy the hot summers for years.

If you have any questions about your new pool, feel free to contact us.