Thinking about improving your backyard in time for summer? Adding some pool water features might just be what you need.

If you live in Cypress, a pool is an essential way to beat the heat. Whether you’re adding a pool for the first time, or looking to upgrade your current one, there are lots of cool water features that can make it even more enticing. With the right upgrade, your pool can become a part of a chic outdoor oasis that’s relaxing even when you’re not in it.

Wondering what the best pool water features to add are? We’ve put together a list of our favorites here — keep reading to learn which ones you should try this year!

1. Poolside Fire Pits

Didn’t think fire and water could mix? Think again.

A firepit is always a great addition to an outdoor space, making it appealing even in the cooler months. But when you add a firepit (or several) alongside your pool, you also create a cool contrasting effect. 

Your firepits can go right next to your pool. The contrast of flames and water, with flickering reflections of the fire at night, will transform the way your pool looks.

2. Poolside Garden

Why not extend your garden all the way up to the edge of the pool?

Both swimming pools and decorative ponds look great when they’re fringed with foliage. If you have trees in your backyards, you’re going to get plant matter in the pool anyway, so adding a nearby garden won’t change your pool cleaning requirements.

What it can do, though, is lend your pool a sense of natural appeal, so you’ll feel like you’re bathing in Hawaiian hot springs. A poolside garden feature goes well with other natural touches, like a natural stone edge.

3. Walk-Up Bar

If a swim-up bar isn’t quite your style (although that’s certainly an option too), you can add a walk-up bar to the edge of your pool.

All you need is for the ground at one side of the pool to be low enough that the pool’s edge can be used as a bar. Add some high stools or chairs, and you’re all set. Now, you know where to use that cool new cocktail recipe you’ve been dying to try!

4. Rock Waterfall

If you’re looking for something a little more natural, why not create a cascading rock waterfall that ends in your pool?

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as the sound of softly running water. The addition of natural-looking stone makes this an even more appealing feature. It pairs perfectly with a pool with other natural elements (like the garden idea above).

5. Mixed Materials

Mixing up the materials you use can give your pool area a luxe feel. Try combining outdoor-friendly surfaces like brick, wood, and stone to add interest to even a small pool. This is also a great way to seamlessly combine your pool with your patio!

6. Poolside Fountain

Poolside water fountains can add interest without disrupting the surface of the pool itself. If you don’t want a fountain in your pool, or can’t afford one, consider installing a small fountain (or a row of them) at the edge of the pool.

This will give you all the benefits of hearing running water near your pool, without having to pay to add a new feature to the pool itself.

7. Sheer Waterfall

Want to give your pool a modern, minimalist vibe? A sheer waterfall is a great way to go.

This takes a step away from the natural look of other waterfalls, like the rock waterfall listed above. Instead, the water will fall straight over an edge at right angles, syncing perfectly with a more modern look. These pool water features suit contemporary home designs perfectly.

8. Edge Wall

Putting a wall along one side of your pool opens up all kinds of cool possibilities.

It would work as a bar, but it can also work as a place to hold decorative plants, lights, or even as a place to sit. You can also add water features in the wall if you want to level it up further.

9. Jet Features

For more excitement than a simple fountain or waterfall, you can also position jets that will shoot water into the pool in graceful arcs. A row of jets along each side of a rectangular pool looks especially chic and glamorous.

10. Artificial Rainfall 

Love the idea of the jets, but want to go even more spectacular? Consider an artificial rainfall feature that will give your pool the effect of having rain falling from the ceiling in luxe curtains. This is a great way to upgrade a covered pool.

11. Pool Water Fountain

If you prefer to keep things classic, you could add a water fountain inside the pool. This simple yet grand water feature will never get old, and it gives that soft, splashing sound that so many people love to hear when poolside.

12. Spillover Pools

If you have a raised pool and a lowered hot tub, or a similar setup, you can elegantly transfer water using a spillover design. It will connect the main pool with the smaller, lower pool or tub beautifully.

13. Scuppers

You can’t go wrong with scuppers, which create a tiny waterfall effect that falls from a raised wall into your pool. Carefully placed individual scuppers, or rows of them, can work well depending on your pool design.

14. Sculptured Fountains

Do you love art? Want to incorporate it into your pool design? You can add fountains that come in the form of sculptures for an additional unique touch to your pool. The design of the sculpture is up to you, so you can pick one that suits your style perfectly. 

Ready to Try These Pool Water Features?

Whether you choose one, or mix and match a few, these pool water features will give your pool an upgrade that makes it feel like new. These ideas range from inexpensive to high-end, so there’s something here for every budget.

Not sure you can afford to install the pool of your dreams, much less the water features? It’s easier than you might think — check out our financing options here.