What better way to beat the Texas heat than with your own pool?

Having a pool in your backyard gives you the freedom to cool down in the privacy of your backyard. Of course, it creates the perfect setting for a summer full of epic pool parties too.

if you’re thinking about putting in a pool, you’ve probably asked yourself the classic question: to hire someone or to DIY?

While most homeowners think building their own pool would be cheaper, that isn’t always the case. There are plenty of benefits you can only get from hiring a pool construction company.

1. Get the Pool You Truly Want

Anyone can create their own paintings for their home if they want. They won’t end up with da Vinci-quality paintings, though.

The same applies to your pool.

If you try to build the pool yourself, you will be limited by your own abilities. You’ll have enough of a challenge trying to create a basic rectangle without any bells and whistles.

A professional pool builder, on the other hand, has enough skills to be creative. They can help you come up with a custom pool design that has everything you want and is practical for your property.

The same goes for materials. A pool construction company will have access to a wider range of materials than you do, giving you more options.

2. Enjoy Your Pool Sooner

When you make the decision to add a pool to your home, you want to skip ahead and enjoy that pool as soon as possible. That won’t happen if you try to build it yourself.

When you build your own pool, each step takes a long time because you need to learn how to do it at the same time. This could turn your project into a massive venture that takes months to complete.

A professional pool builder is far more efficient. They have all the experience and knowledge to complete the job swiftly.

In addition, building your pool is their full-time job. They can start the job and keep it moving until it’s finished.

If you try a DIY approach, you’re juggling the pool with your job, housework, family activities, and more.

3. Access to Top-Notch Equipment

Building a pool doesn’t just take knowledge. It takes equipment as well.

Pool construction companies are able to invest in specialized, powerful equipment. Think backhoe diggers, concrete mixers, and more. These types of tools let them get the job done quickly and with more precision than manual methods.

If you’re trying to build your own pool, you don’t have access to that equipment. Even if you’re able to rent or borrow it, you don’t know how to use it effectively. The result is a lower-quality pool that takes more time to build.

4. Protect Your Home’s Value

When you have an in-ground pool, that pool is part of your property. It will have a significant impact on your home’s value, and not always for the better.

The exact numbers will depend on your local real estate market at the time. However, you can feel safe in the assumption that a professionally-built pool will be better for your home value than a cheap DIY one.

In fact, a shoddy pool could make your home’s value decline. Future buyers would see it as a safety risk or an eyesore they need to remove, which would cost them money.

5. Staying Within the Law

As with any building project, there are city ordinances and building codes your pool needs to follow.

Homeowners who build their own pools don’t always take the time to research those requirements. They toil for months on building the pool and when they’re done, they find themselves with piles of legal fees.

A pool construction company can avoid those problems for you. We know the local city codes and the necessary permits for each job. We’ll build the pool within the regulations the first time so the city doesn’t knock down your door.

6. Putting Safety First

Pools are meant to be fun ways to enjoy your backyard. The fact remains that they have safety risks. Part of those risks depends on how you build the pool.

A professional pool builder has in-depth knowledge of installing pools with safety in mind. We can include safety features you never know about on your own, protecting your family in the long-term. 

The installation process itself is a safety risk as well. Any construction project is risky, especially if there is heavy machinery involved. No pool is worth putting your life at risk.

Pool construction companies, on the other hand, know how to do the job safely.

7. Long-Term Assurance

Picture this. You spend months building your own pool, struggling with one aspect after another. You finally get everything finished and the next day, when you go out to enjoy it, you discover a leak.

That scenario could make anyone’s heart drop. It’s more common than you think for homeowners who try to install their own pools.

It’s a different situation if you hire a pool construction company. Because of our extensive knowledge, problems are less likely to occur.

In the rare case that there is a problem with your pool, all it takes is a phone call. Reputable pool builders stand behind our work and if there is a problem, you can turn to us for help. 

Hiring the Right Pool Construction Company This Year

A great pool will make you the envy of your neighborhood, not to mention give you a cool place to relax at home. The results depend on the path you choose, though,

For the many reasons above, your best bet is to hire a professional pool construction company. Save your DIY skills for smaller-scale projects or projects that have less of an impact on your family’s safety.

If you’re ready to take the next step, call our pool builders today.