It’s easy to feel like you’re sinking in the process of swimming pool design. But don’t give up — help is on the way!

You don’t have to worry about making the most technologically advanced swimming pool in the world. The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore already accomplished that feat, so there’s no point in reinventing the wheel — er, pool.

This swimming pool design guide is going to cover the basic starting points so you can more comfortably get into the deep end of any aspect of the design process later. This helps you to get everything you need to be done before diving into things you only want to have done.

So far, we’ve only dipped our toes into the first steps, so keep reading to be fully immersed!

The Rundown: What Goes Into Building a Swimming Pool?

Design is only the first step in a much longer but satisfying process. The first step of design is to consider your lifestyle and how much the design and build process will impact it before you can start to enjoy the fruits of your success.

  1. That said — without further adieu, here are the steps.
  2. Learn your local legislature surrounding pools
  3. Design your pool to the rules and your preferences
  4. Get permits
  5. Mark out pool features and begin excavation
  6. Install pool panels or walls
  7. Install the essential systems like electrical and plumbing
  8. Pour the concrete flooring and walls
  9. Finishing work like tiling
  10. Install an enclosure (optional)
  11. fill the swimming pool with water
  12. Do your landscaping and decking
  13. Pop out the bubbly

As you can see, there’s a lot of steps before you can fully enjoy the fruits of your labor. The payoff, though, is well worth it. The number one tip that all homeowners need throughout the whole process is, “don’t give up!

How to Start Swimming Pool Design

As we said, the first thing to do is consider local legislature. There may be features they deem to be essential such as pool safety measures. These include pool fences, nets, and more which they call “pool yard enclosures” among other things.

Next comes “location, location, location.” Even a great pool in the wrong place is at best mediocre. The location often determines the shape of the pool and what kind of features the pool can then have.

The intention of the pool also determines the shape to a high level. For example, if you aren’t deciding to use it for lap swimming, then you might want it to be more of an inviting and luxurious type of scene.

You’ll want to ask yourself questions based on the use-case you’re intending for it.

Quality of Life

Next comes a lot of quality-of-life features that match your intention.

Do you want an underwater shelf or bench for sitting and chatting? What about designing it for sports such as water volleyball? How will you plan to get to and from and in and out of the pool?

Consider the best materials for pool decks that fit your needs. How many times have you walked near a pool that’s only painted concrete and stepped more carefully than you otherwise would? A deck that you must tread lightly on could cause accidents for children, the elderly, the infirm, or inattentive people alike.

Luxury or Practicality?

Adding water features adds a sense of relaxation that running water brings. The sound, the visual aspect, and the textural sense of running your hand through a slot fountain or other water element are hard to beat.

However, these features add a pretty penny to many projects as it requires a recirculated pool water system to function, so it doesn’t introduce new, untreated water into the system.

An infinity-edge pool is a type of water feature that incorporates many of those features, but instead of looking at your falling water, it accentuates an already beautiful view. This is one reason that placement and location are so important.

Mosaic tiles offer a huge luster to a pool over plaster if the budget allows.

The Spa Life

A spa or hot tub could be a great addition to a pool. It may even replace your pool. It’s not always possible or desirable to have a built-in spa or hot tub separate from a pool, but can aid the design to separate it if you can.

That said, it’s more efficient and less expensive to integrate it into the pool.

Pool Furniture and Ornaments

A pool without furnishings is a bit like a luxury home without furnishings. It feels bare and uninviting, and you have nowhere to sit and relax to enjoy the room.

Lounge chairs and chaises, whether in or out of the pool, allow you to, well, lounge and enjoy the fruit of your labor in style. Patio tables and chairs give you a chance to enjoy a nice meal by the pool, whether as intimate dining or a pizza party for the kids.

A pool patio cover can give the ultimate experience in outdoor living.

Whatever your style or budget, furnishings around your pool are not something to forget. They add the ambiance and finishing touches to your pool area that you shouldn’t leave out.

The Right Water System for Your Swimming Pool Design

No, we aren’t talking about the earth’s water cycle, but it does have a great system we emulate. When rain falls on land, it gets filtered through hours, days, months, decades, and millennia before ending up in underground lakes or back in the ocean.

Your pool goes through a similar water-cleaning process, sometimes using diatomaceous earth filters or using chlorination to sterilize water and also run it through a different filtration system.

There are a number of systems to choose from such as chlorinated pools, salt-water systems, natural (“bio”) pools, or ozone pools. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Your local pool maintenance and pool service experts can help advise you on the best solution for your area and design.


Get Help For Your Swimming Pool Design

Swimming pool design can make or break a home’s landscape and view. It can either be a money pit that never satisfies or it can be a source of unending joy that’s delivered on budget and on time.

Sahara Construction & Custom Pools are the NSPF certified pool and spa inspectors and operators you need on your side. We know what the rules are, how to conform to them, and still offer the luxury you want with the price tag you can afford.

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