Around 97% of all swimming pools in the US are privately owned residential pools, with many being in states like California and Texas. It is an exciting time to begin searching for home pools, but you can also quickly feel in the deep end. With so many types of pools available, how do you pick the right one for your needs?

Choosing a pool that is best for your home requires a lot of research, but initially, it can feel like learning another language. With various terms, such as in-ground and above-ground, it can be tempting to pick the simplest option. But the simplest choice may not be suitable for you, so instead, follow this guide to learn the different types of pools in Waller County, Texas. 

Above-Ground Pools 

Above-ground pools are an economical option, often considered a temporary addition to your space. This is because many are easy to assemble yourself, which makes it easy to take with you if you move. They are usually a step up from a kid’s paddling pool and made of materials such as resin, aluminum, and vinyl liners.

However, while they are an affordable type of pool with several different shapes and pool sizes, they do not have the flexibility of other custom pool builds. This is usually suitable for someone with limited space who wants a temporary structure. They still require maintenance like different types of pools if you want to keep them in optimum condition, and they need to be replaced every five years or so. 

In-Ground Pools 

In-ground pools are the most common type of swimming pool in the US. They are permanent structures built into the ground, either outside or inside your home. On average, they cost 3.5 times more than above-ground pools; however, they are a long-term investment that can last many years and add value to your home. 

They are the best option for custom pool builds in Waller County, with various materials to choose from.

Fiberglass Home Pools 

Fiberglass pools are a popular choice for homeowners because they are quickly installed. They are usually made off-site and delivered in one piece, which is an excellent option if you do not want a long period of disruption. Instead, you can start to enjoy your pool before the summer Texan temperatures begin to rise.

One of the other biggest advantages of fiberglass pools is that they require little maintenance. Their surface is non-porous, which reduces the risk of algae growth and a build-up of dirt.

It also means they are easier to clean and maintain water chemistry. This is a bonus for people who do not use their pool year-round and do not want to worry about carrying out a lot of maintenance.

Concrete Swimming Pools

Concrete swimming pools are usually made with a mix, such as gunite. They provide a lot of flexibility for customization as they are made on-site. You can pick the pool size, shape, color, and finish to your liking. 

They are a durable type of pool and provide an excellent aesthetic finish. Maintenance is required for resurfacing work, keeping the pool clean and the water chemistry balanced. Pool building time can take between 3-6 months, depending on the size and style of the pool you want. 

Vinyl Home Pools

These types of pools use a custom-made vinyl liner to cover the pool, often called the pool shell, over its foundation. They are one of the most economical in-ground pools to install, making them a popular choice. There is little risk of pool damage, such as punctures, unless pets, furniture, or debris are in your pool. 

There is some maintenance work required to look after these pools. For example, the vinyl liner must be replaced every five to ten years. 

In-Ground Custom Pool Builds

In-ground pool builds do not only come in different materials but also different shapes. Sometimes, types of pools are named after their style. Here are some popular options for inspiration.

Lap Pool

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in the US and is an excellent form of exercise. If your main intention for getting a pool is for exercise, a lap pool may be for you.

A lap pool is a narrow and long pool designed for swimming laps. There is flexibility in choosing the width of the pool, meaning it can fit into different yard spaces.

Infinity Pool

Are you in Waller County or Indonesia? Infinity pools are popular worldwide due to their tropical aesthetic and elegant finish. The water appears to be dropping off an edge like a waterfall in an infinity pool. 

If you want a visually-appealing pool, then an infinity pool may be for you. This is a more costly option, and the pool building will depend on the size of your space.

Natural Pool

A natural pool is designed to blend into the natural landscape, such as with boulders, waterfalls, or plants around the space. Some people choose to make it look like a pond or lagoon. Whereas others prefer a beach look.

Pool Spas 

Home pools are not limited to swimming pools. You can also opt for a pool spa to accompany your custom pool or as a separate feature. Pool spas offer a variety of benefits, such as the small pool size, which is perfect for smaller yards.

Saltwater Pool

When choosing a pool, it is also essential to consider the type of water, with the most common options being chlorine-treated or saltwater. Saltwater pools have fewer chemicals and are more gentle, which makes them perfect for people with allergy issues. They are also easier to maintain, as you do not have to worry about frequently checking pool chemistry. 

Types of Pools in Waller County, Texas

Now you know the main types of pools available, which will help you determine what works best for your needs. However, it is also essential to get an evaluation of your space done, so you can see if your pool design will work. At Sahara Construction & Custom Pools, we offer 3D imagining to help bring your custom pool design to life.

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