Designing and building a basic swimming pool will cost you $25,700 – $29,600 on average.  Tiles are among the must-have features that give your pool that added artistic ambience. If you are keen on other additions such as decks, landscapes, and lighting, this valuation may be higher.

Choosing a suitable tile for your pool is an essential part of the design process. You may find this decision somewhat hard due to the many options available to you in the market. Your choice on the color and type of pool tile to incorporate must be on the premise of durability and attractiveness.

No pool is complete without the most beautiful tiles shining through the water. Learn what you should consider when picking the best kind of swimming pool tile. Here are 9 tips for choosing the best types of swimming pool tiles.

1. Consider the Cost

Budgets are an essential tool when planning. The cost of swimming pool tiles may be exaggerated in some cases. If you have a large pool, you may need to focus on considering a budget estimate that will guide your decision-making process.

It does not hurt to compare various options and designs. However, your budget estimates must be tailored more towards quality as opposed to aesthetics. When setting a budget limit, you ought to focus more on durability.

Cutting on cost will save you money in the short-term, but focusing on quality will ensure your swimming pool lasts longer.

2. Pretty is Good, but Safety is a Priority

You may be keen on designing a pool that will stand out. Choosing the prettiest tile can give you short-term fulfillment, but you should be more concerned about the safety of your loved ones or clients.

You’re likely to find tiles that have amazing colors and designs, but the decision to settle for a specific tile must be based on other additional qualities, such as being slip-resistant. 

3. Consider Porcelain for a Simple Finish 

Before you decide on your preferred pool tile, you may need to understand the difference between various tiles based on material. Seeking advice through consultation with an expert can help you settle for the best option.   

Depending on the budget, porcelain is the most popular pool tile.  If you are keen on saving on costs, porcelain is your best bet. Most pool designs consider this option because porcelain is readily available and cheap. 

If you are working with expert porcelain may be used to create beautiful mosaic designs that stand out. 

4. Stone Pool Tiles are Natural and Slip-Resistant 

You may be keen on a natural look for your swimming pool. In that case, you may consider finishing with stone to enhance that natural look. Stones make beautiful antic impressions. You will also feel safer with stone tiles because they are highly slip-resistant as compared to other materials. 

Sandstones, limestone, and granite are some of the standard options you may consider when settling for stone pool tiles.

5. Glass Pool Tiles Add a Touch of Class 

Glass tiles are a sure way to add that touch of luxury. Glass shimmers and dazzles in a way that adds opulence to your swimming pool. If you are keen on going all out with a spectacular swimming pool design, then this is your best bet.  

The only downside to a glass pool tile is the cost. As compared to stone and porcelain, glass is more expensive and may be susceptible to instances of slips.  Your choices are limitless when considering the best option for a pool tile. 

6. The Style is a Deal Breaker 

Before beginning the tiling process, you need to consider various styles available. The style you consider may also influence other factors, such as cleaning. If you consider using a larger tile, you will likely spend less on upkeep.

Larger tile finishes have fewer seams meaning there is less dirt buildup. Maintaining a swimming pool can be a load of work.  You may, therefore, consider having larger tiles as a means towards reducing the cleaning costs.  

Smaller tiles are suitable for captivating designs. Swimming pools are all about impression. If you’re keen on designing detailed and captivating patterns, then smaller pool tiles will work for you.

 Most homeowners go for smaller pool tiles because of the intricacy they introduce. If you’re working with a creative expert, a smaller sized swimming pool tile can be a brilliant idea in creating mosaic designs. Your pool may be turned into a work of art if you’re enthusiastic about choosing the most suitable pool tiles.  

7. Pool Tile Colors Matter 

Designing a pool is one thing, but deciding on the color that best defines the mood is critical. You may be wondering how to choose pool tile colors that best suit your swimming pool. Well, this decision depends on several factors. You may consider matching your pool tiles with the dominant home décor color. 

You may also consider brightening your pool with brighter colors. White pool tiles often give a relaxing ambiance that makes you want to stay in the pool longer.  You will also often tend to notice an apparent addition of depth into the pool due to the color scheme. 

If you’re keen on a clean, uniformed appearance, white pool tiles can guarantee you that unique impression.  The color matters because of the reflective effect that water has on pool tiles. You may have various other colors to choose from when settling for the best pool tile.

8. Consider Your Regular Users 

You’ve assessed the various types, styles, and materials used in designing pool tiles. Now it is time to decide. Your final decision on what to settle for must consider the most frequent uses of the pool. This makes it possible to either decide on settling for a specific option. 

For instance, if kids will frequent the pool more often than adults, it is prudent to go for the stone pool tiles and not the glass tiles. 

9. Maintenance for your Preferred Swimming Pool Tile is Critical 

You’re confident that you’ve made the right choice for your pool tiles. Having considered durability, attractiveness, and safety, the last concern you may have is maintenance. Pool tiles often get dirt fast owing to the dynamics around swimming pools. 

Ensure that you have the right advice and guidance from an expert on the cost and complexities involved when cleaning each type of tile. You will be better informed on the types of tiles that require less maintenance based on such insights. At Sahara pool builders, all your pool tile maintenance needs are handled with professionalism and precision.   

Your Swimming Pool Is Bound To Be an Envy to Many with These Tips 

Having considered these factors on swimming pool tile, you now have a better picture of what may work for you. You can now go ahead with confidence and build that breathtaking masterpiece.  Your guests will marvel at the creativity embedded in the choice of pool tile. 

Consulting with Sahara pool builders is the best choice you could ever make when seeking for completeness and professionalism. 

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