Is the allure of a private pool calling to you? Who would not want their own space to swim and relax, without the hustle and bustle of a public swimming space? You could own your very own pool, and there are a lot more benefits to it than you think.

From exercise to family bonding sessions, you need to know the reasons you will benefit. Below, we give you 9 must-know reasons to install a custom pool. 

1. A Custom Pool Is a Great Way to Exercise

Swimming is great for exercise, and one of the main swimming pool benefits is that your own pool makes it much easier to take part in. You can pop out in the morning when you wake, take a dip just before bed, or exercise while playing with the children. You will soon find you have better flexibility, muscle tone and you will begin to lose weight. 

Swimming is a unique exercise as it does not stress the joints and muscles like other sports. In addition, you are using the whole of your body, from shoulders to arms and legs. The water offers a resistance 10 times that of the air, so everything you do while in the water is pushing your body to exercise. 

2. It Is a Great Social Activity

If you are a real party animal, or just want something fun to do when family and friends come around, a pool is the way to go. You can have some great social time and make memories playing games, or just hang out with a cocktail. Fire up the BBQ, get some beer on ice, and take a dip. 

You can also have some great pool parties for special occasions. Think of your child’s face when you throw a pool party for their birthday.

3. It Can Increase the Value of Your Home

A pool installation is a big undertaking and a large financial investment. All of that will pay off when you come to sell your property. A pool can add up to 8% to the value of a home. 

Add to this the actual allure of having your own pool, and it makes your home a more attractive option than others. If the pool is in the front of the property or can be seen from the road, it will really increase your curb appeal. 

4. Fewer Vacations Are Needed

In the current climate, vacations closer to home have become much more appealing. The only problem is that in the current climate if vacation places are allowed open, they are often overbooked and can pose a health hazard. Is there a better way to solve this problem than having your own pool?

You no longer need to travel to the beach, waterpark, or the lake to take a dip. In addition, you can prepare all the delicious snacks and foods you like without having to pay tourist prices. 

5. Stay Cool in Summer

Another reason to get a pool is the ability it affords to stay cool. When the sweltering summer months hit, you have two options. You can either stay indoors, with the air conditioning set to full or venture out to enjoy the sunshine in unbearably uncomfortable heat.

With a pool, you give yourself a much better third option. One of the advantages of a pool is that it lets you enjoy the summer in a cool fashion. All you need to do is take a dip or rest up in the shallow end. 

6. It Encourages Family Bonding

The greatest of the swimming pool benefits is that it can give you more family time. A pool is a genuine attraction to children, that will pull them away from cellphones screens and video games and get them outdoor. While they are playing, they will be exercising and spending time with you. 

From teaching your children to swim to the all-important family parties, a pool will create memories. Get some BBQ food going, organize some games and become the envy of your neighbors. 

7. It Is a Safe Social Space for Children

When your children hit their teenage years, they will gradually want to spend more time with friends and less time with you. This can mean that they go places you don’t want them to go, or even more worrying, you may not know where they are at all. The world is a dangerous place and while you can not wrap them in cotton wool forever, you can try to keep an eye on them. 

A pool is a great compromise. It lets your child gain some credibility with their friends, and they can show off at their cool pool pad. In addition, you get to see where they are and who they are with as they socialize on your property. 

8. It Relieves Stress

Having your own private pool is a form of stress relief that is unparalleled. Slipping into the water can really make the worries of a day slip away. It is like having your own personal spa or visiting a pool without the hassle and noise of others. 

You can really spoil yourself by lighting some candles in the evening and pouring a glass of wine. Put some relaxing music on your speakers, and watch the worries of the day float away.

9. You Can Swim All Year Around

If you really love to swim, then it stands to reason you will get your money’s worth from a pool. If you like to swim all year round, what could be a better way than with your private set up? You don’t have to wait for the season to start to go to the outdoor pool.

A winter dip is actually really refreshing. It can liven you up on the long, dark winter days. You will feel cleansed and refreshed on the coldest of days. 

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A custom pool installation and design are actually a lot less than people think. Now we have convinced you of the benefits, you just need to find a trusted, reliable company to start the process for you. 

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