There are great joys to owning a swimming pool — but the truth is, they can be a lot of work. The last thing you want to do is spend more money than you have to in addition to regular maintenance. 

The biggest way you can save money and enjoy your pool more is by investing in light-emitting diode (LED) pool lights. 

While pool lights are a popular feature that people install for a number of reasons, they can become expensive if you opt for incandescent bulbs instead of LEDs. 

Below, we’ll list nine amazing reasons why you should be using LED pool lights.

1. You Can Save Money

Since LED lights hit the market, they have been praised for their ability to be more cost-effective in the long run.

For example, a 60-watt traditional incandescent bulb costs around $4.80 per two hours. While on the other hand, a 12 watt LED bulb costs around $1.00 per two hours.

As you can see, the money you’ll save in comparison to traditional light bulbs is a game-changer. With pool maintenance costing around $3,000-5,000 per year on average, think of all the money you’d save by switching to swimming pool led lighting.

2. You’ll Use Less Energy

Who doesn’t want to go more green nowadays?

According to the Department of Energy, LED lights use at least 75% less energy. 

Traditional incandescent bulbs produce light by electricity passing through semiconductors. This not only gives off light, but also heat. LED bulbs do not produce heat and instead produce light by electrical currents passing through a microchip.

This digital revolution prevents energy from being wasted by not producing heat in tandem with light — making this a more affordable, eco-friendly option. 

3. LED Lights Will Last You Longer 

Experts believe that LED lights could last you up to 25 times longer than your average light bulb. 

Take, for example, a traditional incandescent bulb vs. an LED bulb. The traditional light bulb has a life expectancy of 1,000 hours, whereas the LED light bulb can last up to 25,000 hours. 

Not only do they have a longer life expectancy, but they’re made with solid materials as opposed to fragile glass that is more likely to break. 

While LED lights may cost you a bit more upfront, they will be more durable and give you a return on your investment. 

4. LED Lights Are Brighter

LED lights are notorious for being brighter than traditional lights. Why?

Because LED bulbs produce a higher lumen/watt score. This is why LED wattage is considerably low in comparison to an incandescent bulb. 

According to this example, if you were to compare a 40W incandescent bulb against a 40.5W LED bulb, the difference would be 3,550 lumens. That means that the incandescent bulb produces only 450 lumens while the LED bulb produces 4,000. 

This means your swimming pool will be brighter and, as a result, safer. 

5. They’re Easy to Install

Another upside to using LED lights for your swimming pool is that they’re simple to install. 

While most pool lights require you to drain your pool in order to replace them, LED lights for pools can be replaced effortlessly and underwater. 

So, all that time you used to spend changing your traditional light bulbs can now be spent swimming in your pool with family and friends. 

6. They Come in a Variety of Colors

Another benefit of using LED lights for pools is that they’re available in practically every color of the rainbow. That way, you can customize your pool to your liking, making it unique (and not an exact match to your friends or neighbors).

Whether you’re looking to have a holiday-themed pool party or simply just make your pool more attractive with different colors, LED lights can provide you with more options. 

7. They’ll Light up Your Pool at Night

One of the many reasons people install pool lights is to swim in the dark. 

Thanks to LED lighting for pools, you and your guests can swim all hours of the night without worrying about something unpleasant lurking at the bottom of the pool. 

Plus, LED lights are brighter than your average bulb and can allow you to see one another more clearly. With that in mind, everyone will feel much safer, and accidents will be prevented. 

8. They’re Aesthetically Pleasing 

Aside from being available in pretty colors and making your pool safer, LED lights in your pool will illuminate your backyard and be more inviting. 

If you are a pool owner who enjoys entertaining guests, LED pool lights are worth the investment.

Not only do they light up the water and create a soft glow, but they will satisfy your guests because they’re better for the environment. 

9. They Come With High-Tech Options 

Another bonus is that LED lights come with many a variety of high-tech features.

With LED pool lights, you can adjust the dimming abilities, set it to flash along with your music, or set it on a timer in case you forget to turn them off. 

You can also buy battery-operated floating LED lights in many different shapes and sizes.

Get Started on Installing LED Pool Lights

We hope this article has encouraged you to invest in LED lights for your pool. 

These lights aren’t all about the savings or the efficiency, but they’re a fun addition to your backyard and make for a much safer area.  

Contact us today for any questions, or to receive a free quote on the pool of your dreams!