Is your family begging you to install a swimming pool in your backyard? If so, you probably want to do some research before diving into a big project like that. While the venture is a daunting one, you should know that installing an in-ground swimming pool is beneficial to you, your family, and your home.

Not only does it provide your children with a fun summertime activity, but it can also raise the value of your house if you decide to sell. So, do you want to find out the top eight benefits of a swimming pool? Then keep reading our helpful guide. 

1. Family Fun

Of course, the first benefit of hiring a pool builder in Katy to put a pool in your background is increased family fun. If you want to find a way to get your family together, a swimming pool is the best way to go.

Out of all the other activities you could do at home, going for a swim will motivate everyone to get together. These days, families are busier than ever. Especially now that we are all heading back to work as the pandemic gets under control.

As we go about our busy lives, parents and children must make time for one another. That is how we keep the familial bonds alive. Swimming is an activity that almost everyone can do together.

When you get in the pool, you can play fun games like Marco Polo or water tag. You can even come up with games of your own to play that will likely create memories for the rest of your children’s lives. So, if you want to bring the family together a few times a week, hiring a Katy pool company would be beneficial. 

2. Teach Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons are pricey but necessary. Children between the ages of 1-4 die in drowning accidents. Those statistics may seem scary, but a pool may help.

By having such close access to water, you can get your children accustomed to the water. From there, you can teach them how to swim.

If you aren’t comfortable teaching them yourself, you can always enroll them in swim lessons and continue teaching them at home. With a pool comes responsibility.

So, it is also a way to instill safety measures in our children. Put a gate around the pool so no one can accidentally fall in. Then, tell them some ground rules about never unlocking the gate without you or being on the deck alone. 

3. Raise Value of Your Home

Everyone wants to boost their property value a bit. When it comes to home renovations, many try to redo their kitchens, bathrooms, and landscaping. While all four hoses certainly help, nothing boosts value like a pool.

That is because pools are treasured amenities in a home. When people are on the market for a new home, they might be more inclined to close the deal on one with a well-maintenance pool. Many people will pay a bit extra for a house with a swimming pool because it saves them the time and money of installing one themselves.

If you wanted to add something extra to the pool area, you might consider other amenities that go along with it like, a fire pit, a diving board, or a newly renovated deck and patio. You can also hire a pool builder in Katy, TX, to come out to your property and design a custom pool for you. 

4. Increases Health Benefits

Swimming has several health benefits that cannot go ignored. Imagine you have a stressful, long day at work. You get home, and you get to take a nice, refreshing dip in the pool.

Can you already feel your stress melting away? That’s because the activities you perform in the pool release endorphins in your brains. Those are the chemicals that give us that euphoric, happy feeling.

Along with reduced stress, a swimming pool can also: 

  • Improve your sleeping habits 
  • Improve cardiovascular circulation
  • Improve your motor skills

Of course, before you hire a Katy pool company, always visit your doctor. Tell them you want to start swimming, and let them assess whether you are healthy enough to perform poolside activities. 

5. Gets Everyone Outside

This past year was trying. The pandemic put us all on lockdown and took away our summer fun.

We spent the better part of a year cooped up inside. Installing a pool gives everyone the chance to get out of the house and have some much-needed fun. Breathing fresh air and soaking up some good Vitamin D will ensure your family remains happy and healthy. 

6. Increases Social Life

A pool is a great excuse to have a party or entertain guests. You can invite people over for a poolside barbecue that they can’t resist.

Not only do your friends and family get to swim, but they can be interactive and eat food. So, if you have found your social life lacking, a pool can increase that part of your life ten-fold.

Along with that, your children’s social lives will benefit. If they have a birthday coming up, you can allow them to have a pool party and invite all of their friends. 

7. Maintains a Healthy Weight

Whether you swim for sport or just for fun, it is one of the best exercises you can perform. When you swim, the water creates resistance, and you have to use your entire body to move. That builds muscle and can shed pounds fast. 

8. No Electronics

Kids are always on their electronics these days. No doubt, it is difficult to get them off of their phones, the television, or video game systems.

That is partly because there isn’t much for kids to do outside. However, one sure-fire way to divert their attention from the screen is to put a pool in your backyard. You will see your children toss their electronics to the side and beg to go for a swim the moment they get home from school. 

Hire a Company When Installing an In-ground Swimming Pool 

As you can tell, there are countless advantages to installing an in-ground swimming pool in your backyard. Your family will appreciate that you took the time and money to give them something they can enjoy all summer long.

If you want to put a pool in your yard, Sahara Pool Builder is here to help. We are one of the best pool companies in Katy, TX.

Not only do we employ pool experts, but our services are top-tier. Please, feel free to contact us today and request a free consultation!