Isn’t it nice when you know someone who has a swimming pool in their backyard? If you have a friend with a pool, you’ve probably asked them about how to build a pool in your own backyard. Maybe you asked them how much the pool cost, or which company they used they would recommend for building a swimming pool. 

It’s important to get those types of questions answered before you decide to build a swimming pool in your backyard. In fact, the more questions to ask, the better. Building a backyard pool is a massive undertaking, and you can’t go back and build it again if you don’t like the result. 

In the article below, you’ll find a list of seven important questions that you should ask before you decide to build a custom pool. You’ll have to ask yourself these questions, then use the answers to select the best pool building company. Read on to ensure you’re completely prepared to build your backyard pool. 

1. What Type of Materials Do You Want to Use?

If you’re going to try for a more natural-looking pool, you may want to use stone or mosaic tiles. On the other end of the design spectrum, glass tile and concrete can give your tool a more modern look. You’ll have to determine which materials provide you with the best look while aligning with your budget. 

2. Do You Need to Get Permits for Your Pool?

One of the biggest issues with custom pools is securing permits to build one in your backyard. A pool is a significant addition to your home, and you’ll have to clear it with your city before you start building. Acquiring permits from the government can take a lot of time, so it’s worth doing this first before you even get a quote on your pool.

Your backyard may sit above sewage pipes or electric lines, and you’ll have to attain a permit to start the digging. If you partner with a service that builds Cypress, TX custom pools, the company may be able to handle the permitting for you.

3. Are You Going to Finance Your Pool?

Building a custom pool comes with significant costs, so you’ll have to decide whether or not you’re going to take out a loan for the pool costs. Some people choose to finance the pool through the pool building company itself, while others secure a private loan through other lenders. Talk to your pool building service company to determine whether or not you’ll be requiring a loan for the pool.

4. What Is the Topography of Your Yard?

It’s more difficult to build a pool in a yard with a slope, but it isn’t impossible. You’ll have to determine whether you want to build the pool into the slope, or if you want to flatten your yard before building the pool. 

You’ll also have to consider the size of your yard when designing the pool. A big backyard allows for a big pool, but you may want to leave space for other outdoor features in the rest of your yard. Be sure to consult with pool building professionals so you’re aware of all the options available based on the layout of your backyard.

5. Would You Like Any Unique Features in Your Pool?

Do you want a waterfall in your pool? How about a tanning ledge? These unique features can take your backyard pool experience to the next level but may come with additional costs. 

The best time to install unique features is when the pool is first being built. That’s why you should tell your pool building company about any unique features right away. The pool company will be able to advise you on which unique features are worthwhile.

6. How Will You Be Using the Pool?

Some people use their backyard pool to swim laps, while others use it as a place for the kids to play on hot days. Some just use the pool as a gathering space to host large get-togethers. 

The way you plan to use your pool will have a big impact on the way you design your pool. For example, a lap pool has to be long, deep, and rectangular. A pool for large gatherings has to have plenty of room for seating around the edges. Be sure to keep your pool usage in mind when creating your custom pool design.

7. What Are the Costs of Maintaining the Pool?

A pool with waterfalls, foliage, or fountains will cost a lot more to maintain than a simple pool without any of those features. No matter what kind of pool you have, however, it will need routine maintenance and that maintenance will cost you. Be sure to factor in the maintenance costs when creating a budget for your custom pool. 

You Can Now Start the Process of Building a Swimming Pool

Now that you know which questions to answer before building a swimming pool, you’re ready to find a pool building service. Be sure to talk to a couple of different pool building companies and make sure they’re able to meet the needs that you’ve outlined by answering the questions in this article. 

One place to start is with the expert pool builder Cypress, TX residents trust to get the job done; Sahara Construction and Custom Pools. Click here to start your free consultation today.