Imagine relaxing in an infinity-edge pool surrounded by luxurious loungers and palm trees. But, you’re also on the 57th floor overlooking a stunning cityscape.

There are a few pools around the world that draw visitors in just to experience them. The Marina Bay Sands pool in Singapore is just one of these. While a visit may be on your bucket list, why not bring that luxury home to your own pool?

By adding one or a few custom pool features, you can create the luxury pool of your dreams right at home. Keep reading to learn about the features you need to consider.

1. Waterfalls

A water feature instantly makes a pool stand out. It provides a visual focal point around which the entire luxury pool is based. 

Waterfalls are great because they come in all different sizes and styles. Some are large and imposing. Others are smaller and emphasize minimalism. 

Larger waterfalls may be a play area for kids or designed as part of a grotto aesthetic. In both cases, swimmers can enjoy dipping their heads in the water cascading down from the falls. In addition, these features add visual interest to the pool.

Smaller waterfalls may simply be a single stream of water running along a section of the pool. These may imitate the elegance of a beautiful Roman bath and work as a boundary for the water. 

2. Tanning Ledges

One relatively new and incredibly luxurious custom pool feature is a tanning ledge. These are ledges in the pool where the water sits a little over a foot deep. Lounge chairs or other seating items are then placed on this ledge. 

The benefit is that, with a ledge, someone is able to lounge out on a chair while still enjoying the water. On a hot, summer day, this means that people can still lay out in the sun without getting too hot. 

This dramatically improves the tanning experience as a whole and extends the amount of time one can spend tanning. Just make sure to tan safely, as too much time in the sun isn’t a good thing. 

3. Bridges

Custom pool features don’t just impact the pool itself. They also have a big effect on the area around the pool. 

One place where this is incredibly noticeable is in the flow of the yard. The pool is a large area that is impassable to anyone who doesn’t want to get wet. This has the potential to be a big annoyance and is a significant problem for some pools. 

However, bridges allow the pathways to cut through the pool without dividing it entirely. Swimmers are able to pass from one section of the pool to the other while everyone else is able to walk right through. 

Bridges also have the potential to look great. A well-designed bridge will complement the theme of the yard. Plus, since bridges are a slightly rare feature, they will instantly stand out. 

4. LED Lighting

Want to brighten up your swimming pool? LED lighting will make the pool shine and, thus, stand out like never before. 

LED lighting is even able to give the pool a specific vibe. Greens and blues are colors that have proven calming effects, so they are perfect for a relaxation-focused pool. Meanwhile, reds or oranges may be better for a pool focused on lively energy. 

Some LED lights even have the ability to change color. This means you are able to fine-tune the specific mood of the area depending on what is going on. You may set the lights in a different way for a party than you would for a more low-key evening. 

5. Integrated Spa

Pools and spas go together like peanut butter and jelly. On a nice day, you may want to spend some time relaxing in a spa while also devoting a little time to swimming around the pool. Because of this, connecting the two just makes sense. 

One of the most luxurious integrated spa options is to position the spa above the pool. Then, have water from the spa cascade down into the pool itself. The effect of this is similar to having a waterfall or another water feature. 

However, having this with a spa gives the pool a greater sense of connectivity. It makes the entire area feel more like a flowing ecosystem than a static environment. 

6. Swim-Up Bars

On a beautiful summer day, you may want to stay in the pool for hours at a time. Leaving the pool to grab something to eat or drink becomes a distraction from your relaxation. 

This is where a swim-up bar helps. A swim-up bar allows you to enjoy a refreshing drink or a delicious meal without ever having to leave the pool. Instead, you simply have to “swim up” to the bar and enjoy. 

Adding a swim-up bar also helps turn the area around your pool into the ultimate place for outdoor entertainment. This means that pool parties are more enjoyable than ever before. If you’re a fan of hosting or just enjoy having a good time with family and friends, this is the feature for you!

7. Infinity Edges

Most people are familiar with the dramatic appeal of an infinity pool. However, these are often viewed as a luxury swimming pool option for 5-star hotels and resorts, not an inground pool at someone’s house. Luckily, infinity pools are an option for almost anyone. 

With an infinity pool, the most significant benefit is the visual appeal. These pools look great from any angle. Plus, while swimming in them, they give the feeling of swimming in an unending sea rather than a small body of water.

The Best Custom Pool Features

When picking out custom pool features, there are plenty of options available. Whether you want an elegant spa or some energetic bubblers, the custom options out there will suit your needs. With these, your pool will be better than ever before!

If you want to get started with adding custom features to your pool, make sure to contact Sahara Construction and Custom Pools for a free consultation!