Swimming is wildly popular in the US and takes the number-one spot as the most popular activity for kids and teens. It’s no wonder that so many homeowners in warm-weather climates like Katy, TX are considering getting a backyard pool of their very own.

Before you dive in and build your new pool, however, it’s important to take your time and make decisions you’ll feel good about for years to come. Unfortunately, some hasty homeowners grow to regret their decision to get a pool because they’ve made some serious pool building mistakes along the way.

As Katy’s number one pool building company, we do our best to prevent clients from making these mistakes. Now, we’re here to spell out what those mistakes can look like to help you avoid making them, yourself.

Read on to find out the top seven pool building mistakes that homeowners can make.

1. Not Sticking to a Pool Building Budget

The truth is, building a great pool in your backyard does require a sizable investment. It’s important that you establish a reasonable pool building budget from the beginning, taking into account the cost of both materials and labor.

It’s also important that you work with a swimming pool contractor who respects your budget and doesn’t try to pressure you to spend more for unneccessary features or designs.

2. Paying for a Cookie Cutter Pool

Your backyard is unique and that means that your pool should be unique, too. Plenty of swimming pool contractors offer a handful of different pool designs and ask you to pick from them. However, the best way to invest in a pool that you love for the long-term is to go with a custom design that fits your needs, backyard, and your budget.

We go above and beyond at Sahara Pool Builder to make custom pool building an easy and comprehensive process. Our 3-D pool designs allow you to see, tweak, and approve of the perfect custom swimming pool.

3. Putting the Pool in a Bad Location

You may have an idea of where your pool would look best, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the right area to build in. One of the most upsetting things that can happen during pool construction is beginning the dig only to discover things like sewer pipes or electrical wiring blocking the pool site.

In fact, in order to get permits to build a pool in Katy, TX, homeowners must first undergo electrical and plumbing inspections to avoid this problem. If a swimming pool contractor is willing to skip these steps, walk away from the contract, as they are operating outside of the law–and probably delivering shoddy work.

4. Wasting Crucial Yard Space

When you’ve got your sights set on a new backyard swimming pool, it’s easy to envision your entire yard as a swimming-only space. However, oftentimes one of the biggest regrets a homeowner can have after getting a pool is not having space for other backyard activities.

Make sure that your backyard pool is appropriately sized for your needs and that you continue to priortize other backyard activities that are important to you, such as gardening or playing non-water sports.

5. Working With the Wrong Swimming Pool Contractor

What do almost all pool building mistakes have in common? They start and end with choosing the wrong swimming pool contractor for the job.

Sahara Pool Builder is one of the most popular choices in the Katy, TX area for a number of reasons. We work hard to create custom pools that align with your vision and your budget. We also offer pool services so that you can return to us for all of your pool balancing, cleaning, and repairing needs.

6. Overlooking Other Outdoor Features

How can you make the most out of your own private backyard oasis? Adding a pool makes it easy to relax, cool down, exercise, and play all throughout the hot summer months. What about other outdoor activities that you may want to enjoy all year round?

It’s no surprise that indoor-outdoor living has taken off in the past several years. Nothing beats enjoying a great evening outdoors with friends and family, and our outdoor living solutions have you covered. From custom patio design to outdoor kitchen design, we’re here to help you turn your backyard into a resort-level luxury space.

7. Not Looking at the Fine Print and Financing Options

When you’re looking for the perfect swimming pool contractor, it’s important to do plenty of research. Look at reviews from previous clients, amount and types of experience, and estimates for your ideal project. However, once you’ve landed on the ideal swimming pool contractor, the research shouldn’t stop there.

Before you sign on the dotted line, we encourage you to go through the contract and ask any questions you may have. We also encourage you to look at the financing options we offer our clients.

At the end of the day, we don’t want you to feel like you have to accept designs or work that doesn’t align with your vision or needs. We offer transparency from start to finish and will always work with you to create a contract that works.

Avoid These Pool Building Mistakes by Working With Sahara Pool Builder

There are quite a few pool building mistakes that are easy to make when you’re rushing through the pool building process. Working with the wrong contractor is the likeliest way to make these mistakes, no matter how careful you are. When you work with Sahara Pool Builder, we’ll ensure that none of these mistakes ever arise.

Ready to find out more about how Sahara Pool Builder can help you create the perfect backyard setup? Contact us so that we can get the process started with estimates and more.