Are you interested in remodeling your outdoor space? Well, you’re not alone; remodeling backyards and outdoor pools saw the biggest increase in sales in 2020 due to the pandemic. Now, remodeling a pool can be tricky; after all, you have to choose a style, a design and make it fit with the environment. 

If you’re unsure where to start, don’t worry; with this guide, you can find out! From the classic hidden pool to a unique hybrid, you can learn about the different types of designs you can purchase today. 

Now, are you ready to dive in? Here’sHere’s an in-depth look into custom natural pool designs:

1. Hidden Pool  

A hidden pool features a half pool and half regeneration zone. The swimming pool area is designed to be all-natural, so you can swim and enjoy your time in the sun. While the regeneration area oftentimes has underwater rocks, lily pads, and water plants. 

That way, you can enjoy your time in the pool but also feel like you’re in a natural spring. To add to the ambiance, you can decorate your pool with pool-friendly plants, chairs, or a natural waterfall to make your backyard look like the natural oasis it’s meant to be. 

Now, a hidden pool is perfect for anyone who wants the comforts of a pool but wants to feel encompassed by nature. It’sIt’s surely the best of both worlds. 

2. Oxfordshire Natural Pool  

With this natural pool, you’ll have to look twice to ensure it’s a swimming pool. It looks like a pond with its oval shape and water plants; however, it’s a perfectly swimmable pool. In fact, since the water lies flush with the ground, you’ll feel like you’re swimming in a real pond. 

However, unlike in a hidden pool, the Oxfordshire pool has the swimming pool and regeneration area interact with one another. This often creates a whole ecosystem between microorganisms, insects, flowers, and even plants. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see local wildlife around your pool, like dragonflies and swallows.

The Oxfordshire natural pool is not only a pool; it’s also a part of nature. It’sIt’s perfect for anyone who wants to experience nature’s pool firsthand. 

3. Ecological Swiming Pool  

This fun ecological swimming pool has no barriers between the regeneration area and the swimming pool. Instead, both pools are carefully mixed together to create a large and spacious outdoor pool. 

However, unlike the Oxfordshire nature pool, an ecological pool tends to have the regeneration area on the perimeter of the pool rather than spread out all over the pool. This ensures that the center of the pool is free of plants that attract wildlife so you can swim comfortably.   

Although, when you walk into the pool, you’ll pass by plants, flowers, and underwater rocks. That way, you feel as if you’re entering a pond; however, you’re just going swimming in your backyard pool. This design is perfect if you want the look and feel of a pond but still want the concept of a pool.   

4. Two-tiered Pool  

This modern take on a natural pool is great for any home. It features two levels; the first is a large natural swimming pool, and the second is a smaller regeneration area where you can place underwater rocks, underwater plants, and flowers. 

The two areas only interact with a waterfall flowing from the regeneration area to the swimming pool. That way, the pool feels relaxing and serene. This two-tiered pool is perfect if you have a large family.  

The large swimming pool has enough space to host guests but is still comfortable to enjoy with just your family. If you want to be surrounded by nature but still want to enjoy the comforts of a pool, this one is for you! 

5. Cottage-Core Pool  

A cottage core pool is breathtakingly beautiful! With a small pool arranged in its center and a large regeneration area displayed on the perimeter of the pool. 

This pool certainly looks like a pond, but at its core, it’s 100% a swimming pool. In fact, since the pool takes up such a small circumstance, you can add high-powered jets to make it into a spa or simply invest in a jacuzzi. 

You can even make your backyard look like it’s truly situated in nature by building a gazebo or a small peer for your pool. That way, you can sit and marvel at your outside spring from the comfort of the shade. 

This custom pool design is perfect for anyone who enjoys the cottage-core type of style. It’sIt’s ultimately the best design for those that want a high-class swimming pool but also want some elements of nature involved as well. 

6. Hybrid Natural Pool  

Now, this new hybrid pool style will make you question everything you know about natural pools. It features two long pools separated by a thick, tall wall. The wall can either be made out of concrete or glass. 

However, glass is often preferred since you can see the regeneration pool while you’re swimming. That way, you can have an underwater peek at the growing flowers, leaves, and heavy rocks. It acts almost like a showcase since it puts you side by side with nature itself.   

Now, unlike other natural pools, this pool does not look like a pond. Instead, it features regular-shaped dimensions and normal proportions for a pool. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a regular pool but at the same time wants to be inspired by the beauty of underwater nature.

Use One of These Natural Pool Designs Today 

These natural pools are to die for; it’s hard to pick just one! After all, choosing a pool design for your home is one of the most challenging parts of the whole process. 

When selecting a design, think about which one is most comfortable, which one will suit your financial needs, and which design will compliment your backyard. Look at these designs closely and choose the one that fits your preferences. 

If you have any questions about natural pool designs, contact us today. We look for to helping you with your custom build!