A recent survey found that a third of Americans want to spend more time outdoors but don’t feel like they have enough time. Does this sound familiar to you?

If so, it may be time to invest in outdoor living solutions like a custom patio cover. Spending more time outdoors doesn’t have to require hours of travel time when your backyard is fun and inviting!

We know what you’re thinking. Will a patio cover make that much of a difference? Is it really worth the investment?

We’re here to tell you that the answer is yes! Read on to learn the six big benefits of a patio cover that you won’t want to miss out on.

1. Covered Patios Increase Outdoor Comfort

When you’re taking a dip in the pool, that hot Texas sun can feel pretty great. However, once you hop out of the pool for a spell, it doesn’t take long for those rays to get a little toasty.

Installing a patio cover in your yard provides instant shade that you can enjoy all day long. In fact, getting out of the sun and into the shade can make you feel up to 15 degrees cooler even when the temperature doesn’t change a bit. Beat the heat and give your skin a break from the sun with a patio cover and you’ll find yourself spending far more time outdoors.

2. A Patio Cover Will Protect Your Outdoor Living Space

It can be difficult or unappealing to cultivate an outdoor living space when you know you have to drag everything indoors at night. Installing a patio cover over your patio can help protect your outdoor living space furnishings from sun and water damage. 

Do you want to keep things simple with a grill and a few deck chairs? Are you planning on going all out with an outdoor bar, outdoor lounge chairs, and maybe even a television? No matter what your vision is, your patio cover can make it possible.

As an added bonus, your patio cover can provide your container plants with some extra love. If your plants are getting too much sun or torrential rain is headed to Katy, you can bring them under the covered area for increased protection.

3. Covered Patios Extend the Usable Square Footage of Your Home

The way we look at the size of our properties can be broken down in a few different ways. There’s the size of the lot you own and the square footage of your home. Then, there’s something referred to as “usable” square footage.

Usable square footage refers to the amount of space in your home that can actually be lived in. This can include things like storage space and bedrooms but it can also include the amount of space you have to create functional living areas. 

When you take your backyard from a plain, bare patio to a true outdoor living space, you increase your usable square footage. In other words, installing a cost-friendly patio cover is kind of like adding an additional room to your house. You’re investing in more space to relax, read, cook, dine, and entertain!

4. Patio Covers Encourage Outdoor Hangout Time 

Let’s go back to where we started. A lot of us wish we were spending more time in the great outdoors. The biggest problem is that we tend to be short on time.

A patio cover turns your backyard into the place to be. It allows you to create your very own private outdoor oasis. Best of all, it brings the family together.

When you can put together a functional, comfortable outdoor living space, your family will want to spend all of their free time basking in it. Having that patio cover is like the cherry on top–no one will want to go back inside this summer!

5. Covered Patios Put You Back in Touch With Local Nature

Spending time outside brings us a number of benefits. It can help us relax and unwind after a long week. It can also help us feel connected to our local flora and fauna.

The more time you spend outside, the more you’ll start to notice what’s around you. What kinds of birds like to visit your backyard? How do the flowers respond to different temperatures and different levels of sunlight exposure?

Getting in touch with nature–even the nature in your own backyard–is a deeply rewarding experience. Plus, it can provide a great educational experience for the kids! Studying nature and working in a garden will help your kids to appreciate the little things, learn patience, and gain that positive feeling of seeing their work pay off.

6. Custom Made Patio Covers Increase Property Value

So, you can see all the ways that installing a patio cover is an investment in your own happiness and peace. Is it a financial investment, as well? Once again, the answer is yes!

Indoor-outdoor living is in high demand these days and homebuyers are looking for properties that can provide that experience. Investing in your backyard and cultivating an outdoor living space with a patio cover will have a positive impact on your property value.

Why should you let us help you custom-design your patio cover? Appraisers note that patio covers yield the highest ROI when they make visual and proportional sense. We’re here to help you create a patio cover that looks like it was designed for your house, specifically–because it was!

Get the Best Patio Cover in Katy, TX With Sahara Construction 

If you are looking for a way to maximize your living space and spend your weekends outback, what are you waiting for? Patio cover installation will instantly transform your backyard into the private oasis of your dreams.

Ready to get designing? Contact us and we’ll get you started with a consultation, estimates, and financial planning.