We all want to spend more time outdoors. But how do we find the time?

Everyone is busy with work and their social lives, and when we get home, we just want to relax.

However, you can greatly increase the amount of time that you and your family and friends spend outside by adding covered outdoor living space to your home.

This may seem like a simple solution, but it works. There are many benefits of outdoor living space in general, but you’ll use a covered outdoor living space even more than you’ll use an uncovered one because you can use it even when the weather is not perfect, and if you add lighting, you can enjoy it at any time of the day or night.

If you’re someone who wants to spend more time outdoors, you should consider adding covered outdoor living space to your property. It’s a simple add-on, it will increase the value of your home, and you’ll find that you use it often as soon as its complete and beyond. Read on to learn more.

1. More Space

If you have a yard that you don’t use as much as you would like, then you probably often think about how to apply various outdoor living space ideas to your property to solve this problem. 

Outdoor living space is lovely in general; it will increase the square footage of your home in a way. Adding an outdoor patio is like adding another room. 

There’s so much you can do in an outdoor patio area. You can add comfortable furniture, a bar, a hot tub or spa, and even an outdoor cooking area. Your home and your family can seamlessly spread out into the yard while enjoying all the comforts of the indoors outside.

Making your outdoor living space a covered outdoor living space will make it feel even more like it’s a part of your home. When you add a roof over your outdoor living space, it’s truly another room of your home without walls.

2. Sunny Days

If you live in an area that has a lot of sun, you may find yourself hiding indoors on the hottest and sunniest days. We all like to get a little sunshine, but if it’s hot and bright, it soon becomes a little too much, and we retreat into the shade indoors. 

You can remedy this problem by adding a roof or other cover to your outdoor living space. A little bit of outdoor shade can make all the difference on warm and sunny days, and if you have a cover over your outdoor living space, you’ll surely find yourself using it more frequently than you would if you install an open deck or patio.

3. Rainy Days

The same goes for rainy days. You can’t use a wide-open deck or patio when it’s raining outside, and you likely are not going to hang out in your uncovered backyard during a rainstorm. 

However, you can use a covered outdoor living space even when it’s raining. In fact, you may find the sound of rain all around you to be quite enjoyable and relaxing. It’s lovely to watch the rainfall on a warm summer day, and you can enjoy the coziness of your dry outdoor furniture while you’re protected from the elements.

4. Increase the Value of Your Home

When you add outdoor living space, you’ll increase the value of your home. If and when you decide to sell your current home, potential buyers will be so impressed by additional space to enjoy outdoors. When you add a roof or other cover to this space, they’ll see that it is multi-use and that it is something they can enjoy in any weather or at any time of day or night. 

Covered outdoor living space is something you and your family can enjoy together while you live in your home, and it’s also something future owners and families can enjoy as well. When you do sell your home, you’ll get an extra bonus windfall because of this extra special addition. 

5. Entertaining

An outdoor covered living space is a wonderful place to entertain guests at your home. When you have a lot of people over or visiting, the indoor space in your home can soon become crowded and uncomfortable. Outdoor living space will give you the opportunity to extend the party outside – or to move it outside altogether. 

Everyone enjoys spending time outdoors and you’ll find that many of your guests gravitate to your covered outdoor living space without you even suggesting that they move there. Many guests will spend the majority of any party you host in this area. You can grill out there, watch television if you add an entertainment center, and relax on your comfortable outdoor furniture. You’ll be inspired to host more gatherings once you install a covered space outdoors.

6. Health Benefits 

You might not realize it, but a covered outdoor living space can also improve your health and the health of your family overall. Spending time outdoors can reduce stress levels and can make you feel more relaxed. When you lower your stress levels in this way, you’ll feel less depression and anxiety, and your mood, in general, will be better all of the time. It can also boost your immune system as well.

Covered Outdoor Living Space Will Change Your Life

As you can see, adding covered outdoor living space to your home will offer many benefits. You’ll be amazed at how much more time you spend in your yard with your friends and family when you add a covered space to it. You can enjoy it in any weather, you’ll increase the value of your home, you’ll gain space, and you’ll have a wonderful, additional area for entertaining. And, your health will improve as well. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to add outdoor covered living space to your property, and we can help. Contact us today. We can’t wait to help you start planning and to help you make your dreams a reality!