Swimming Pool Decorating Ideas

5 Awesome Swimming Pool Decorating Ideas You Should Try

It’s estimated that there are 10.4 million swimming pools in the United States in people’s homes. 

That’s a lot of people who have pools, so how is yours going to stand out above the rest? You’ve got to get some swimming pool decorating ideas to make your pool the best for entertaining.

Swimming Pool Decorating Ideas to Spruce up Your Pool

Whether you decide to keep your pool open in the summer or all year round, you can still get swimming pool decorating ideas to make it look nice no matter the weather.

1. Add Greenery

Having plants around the pool’s edge is a great way to make your pool look more beautiful and also to provide more shade for your area.

You can create a vertical plant wall that doubles as a sun blocker. Even just dotting the perimeter of the pool with potted plants can take it to the next level visually.

2. Waterproof Furniture

There’s an endless amount of options out there for furniture that you can actually take in your pool. And we’re not just talking about floaties.

You can get a softa that poses on the ledge of your pool so you can lounge at the same time you float around in the water. There are floating tables and chairs that can also be both fun and a funny conversation starter.

3. A Bridge

If you’ve got the funds to invest, a bridge can be an extremely interesting water feature for you to add to your pool. 

The days of having to walk around your pool are over. Now you can literally just walk over it. It also makes for a nice way to create shade right in the middle of the pool.

4. Incorporate the Holidays

Your pool deserves to get in on the holiday celebrations as well. If you’re a Halloween fanatic, you can use plastic skeletons around your pool and pose them in lounge chairs. Blowing up plastic gloves and letting them float is also a fun, spooky idea.

Many ornaments also float if you’re looking to decorate for Christmas. Floating candles for any special occasion is also a simple, classy way to make your pool part of the festivities.

5. Add Some Lights

Lighting is one of the most important factors of ambiance. The lighting that’s around your pool and in your backyard could be perfect, but you’re missing out if you’re not playing with different colors of lights in your actual pool.

You can get any color light you want to light up your water. Set a warmer mood with orange colored bulbs, or bring out the natural blues with more blue lighting.

You can also get lighting that changes colors or strobes for an ultimate pool party.

Get Your Own Custom Pool

Maybe you’re just dreaming when you’re looking at swimming pool decorating ideas, but you don’t have a pool of your own.

Now’s the time for you to make your dream a reality. No matter your backyard, if you want a pool, Sahara Pool Builders can build it. 

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