Are you dreaming about having your very own pool? Today in the United States, there are about 10.4 million residential pools including Cypress, TX custom pools!

When you’re thinking about having one in your yard, choosing a pool builder can be the toughest part. What should you look for in a pool builder and how will you know that they’re high quality? Read on for the top tips on choosing the right pool builder for your needs today!

1. Experience

First, take a look at their website online and see that they have a phone number and physical address. Next, check out the number of years of experience that they have building pools. 

Ask for their portfolio that shows their previous work. If you’re thinking about a specific pool, ask to see their past experience with that type of pool. 

2. Reading Online Reviews

When you head to the website and search engines for a swimming pool contractor in Cypress, TX, make sure to read their online reviews. While one bad review isn’t a red flag, watch out for a common theme. 

3. Price

After you figure out your swimming pool budget, you can reach out to a few contractors, and see the price of your custom pool in Cypress, TX. Keep in mind that they’ll charge you for the material, labor, and you’ll need to think about the other contractors such as electricians. 

4. Ask Family and Friends for a Referral

If your family or friends have had a pool builder, consider reaching out to them to see who they recommend. It might be the opposite where they’ll tell you who they don’t recommend. Ask them why or why not they recommend each company, and see if it’s in line with what you’re looking for. 

5. Check BBB

Check BBB (The Better Business Bureau) for reviews and complaints about the company. Make sure that they’ve been in business for at least 6 months, that they have privacy protections, correct advertising, and customer service. 

If it’s a BBB accredited business, that means that they have certain standards for their business. First, head to their directory and type in pool contractors.

Keep in mind that when a company’s name comes up, it doesn’t mean that they’re BBB accredited. Businesses that appear on the list will have their contact information in order to get in touch. 

6. Check Licensing

You’ll want a licensed pool builder who has the proper state and local ordinances that are required. Avoid companies that don’t meet the requirements in the area, because they might not deliver you a safe and well-done pool. 

If they use contractors for electrical and plumbing work, take a look at their licensing as well. Along with the BBB, you can also take a look at industry trade associations. 

7. Insured Pool Builder

In 2019 alone, there were 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries in the United States. Since they’re using various equipment to build your backyard swimming pool, you’ll want to ensure that they’re properly insured.

Things can go wrong, even if the company has years of experience. Make sure that they have property damage and personal liability insurance.

Since injuries can happen, they also need to have worker’s compensation insurance. Instead of asking them about it, ask for verification before you sign any agreements. 

8. Visit Their Store

Head to the company’s showroom or office to check out their selection of pools. When you speak to the employees, notice if they seem professional and knowledgeable when asking them questions. 

Keep in mind that if anything goes wrong, they’re who you’ll be working with. Make sure that you feel comfortable speaking with them as well. 

9. Read Through Everything

Before you sign off, make sure that you read through all of the paperwork that they give you. Once you’re comfortable with everything and have asked all of the questions that you have, then you can sign documents. 

10. Trust Your Gut

Don’t just choose a company because they look great on paper, you have to feel comfortable and get a good feeling from them as well. Watch out for companies that give you a really low estimate, don’t have a physical address, or demand that you give them a large payment in advance. 

Don’t let companies pressure you into financing through them or use other high-pressure sales tactics. If you notice any bullying, walk away. 

11. Check Affiliations

Trade associations can have pool contractors follow professional development and a code of business ethics. Reach out to different pool contractors in your area to see if they’re part of these. One trade association is The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (ASPS).

12. Industry Education

It’s a good sign if the pool builder in Cypress, TX has its contractors attend different technical seminars or trade shows. This means that they’re interested in having their company and its techniques grow over time. In the United States, there’s the International Pool Spa Patio Expo that they might attend. 

Choosing a Pool Builder for Your Next Project

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of tips on choosing a pool builder. Keep your budget in mind and follow this guide in order to make sure that you’re hiring the best in your area. 

Are you dreaming of having a pool to step into and enjoy? Contact us today! We’re professional pool builders here in the heart of Texas.

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