Did you know that Katy, TX has more sunny days than most other places in the US? Tons of sun and almost year-round warm temperatures make Katy the perfect city for homeowners who want to embrace indoor-outdoor living.

If you’re looking for ways to transform your backyard into the perfect outdoor living space, you’ve come to the right place!

We have tons of outdoor living space ideas that we can’t wait to share with you. From ambient lighting to comfortable seating, you’ll be able to design an outdoor living space that will impress the whole neighborhood!

Read on for eleven of our best outdoor living space ideas that you won’t want to miss.

1. Start With Comfy Outdoor Furniture

If you want your backyard to become a gathering space, you’ll want to start with comfy outdoor furniture. Adirondack and wicker chairs are great, but they aren’t always the most comfortable pieces to sit on. Look for outdoor furniture that comes with padding and pillows that you can snuggle into. 

2. Make Your Own Shade With a Covered Patio

We love our sun in Texas but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have it made in the shade. At Sahara Construction, we don’t just build pools. We will also design and install a custom patio cover in your yard to create the perfect hangout spot. 

Covered patios can give you a break from the heat, protect your outdoor furniture from the elements, and give you a cozy place to relax any time, any day.

3. Develop Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

Nothing is more fun than cooking and dining outdoors! Your outdoor kitchen can be as simple (think a grill and butcher block) or intricate (think an outdoor prep sink and refrigerator) as you want. Another fun addition is an outdoor bar equipped with glasses, cocktail mixers, and of course, a fridge full of drinks!

4. Get Artsy With Decorative Planters

Your outdoor living space is, well, outdoors–and it should feel that way! Bring the plants up onto your patio with planters and create textural interest by mixing flowers with different kinds of greenery. Use your planters as an opportunity to really express your style and pick decorative, sculptural planters that will draw the eye.

5. Set the Tone With Soft Lighting

Lighting is crucial in your outdoor living space and we’re a fan of soft, ambient lighting. Brighten the pathways through your yard with in-ground solar lighting that won’t affect your electric bill. Globe and fairy lights are perfect for bringing light to your trees and lining your covered patio.

6. Install a Water Feature

Did you know that the sounds of nature have been scientifically proven to increase feelings of relaxation? You can experience the soothing sounds of nature even when the birds head to bed for the night. Install a water feature near your patio furniture to keep things soothing.

7. Grab Some Wireless Speakers

Alright, so sometimes you don’t want to relax. You want to party!

Bring the party outdoors with waterproof wireless speakers. Then, use your smartphone or tablet to connect to your speakers and bump the tunes you want to jam to.

8. Embrace Camping Vibes With a Fire Pit

You might not want to go camping every weekend this summer, but what if you could access the best parts of camping in your own backyard? Crackling leaves, campfire stories, s’mores: all of these can be yours without venturing out in the woods!

Fire pits are available in a large variety of sizes and styles. Some even come with automatic starters that bring your campfire to life in an instant.

9. Fill Some Baskets With Cozy Blankets

When you build the perfect outdoor living space, you won’t want to give it up when temperatures start to drop. You won’t have to when you provide plenty of cozy blankets for you, your family, and all of your guests!

Grab a few low-cost wicker baskets and fill them with soft, lightweight blankets. The baskets will add a nice touch and make it easy as pie to bring your blankets indoors at the end of a great night.

10. Get Lively With a Pollinator Garden

Your outdoor living space will certainly be inviting to humans, but what about the critters that bring backyards to life? By planting the right flowers and plants, you can make sure that your yard is humming with bumblebees, butterflies, and birds.

Daisey flowers, butterfly bushes, coneflowers, and goldenrod are all low-maintenance plants that pollinators love. You can also devote a corner of your yard to wildflowers, which require almost no maintenance at all! Birdbaths, birdfeeders, and bat houses are all other great options to incorporate into your yard if you want to keep things natural. 

A garden of any style or size will beautify your yard. Plus, having a garden will ensure that you’re getting outdoors and enjoying your backyard every day!

11. Go All Out With Your Own Swimming Pool

Nothing draws a crowd to your yard like a custom backyard swimming pool. If you want to keep the family entertained and host parties all summer long, take your yard to the next level with a custom swimming pool. Our 3-D design process makes it easy to bring your dreams to life!

Which Outdoor Living Space Ideas Will You Use? 

At Sahara Construction, nothing makes us happier than seeing an outdoor living space come to life. Which of our outdoor living space ideas will you use this summer? 

If you’re ready to break ground on your new pool or have it made in the shade with a covered patio, contact us today. We can get you started with a consultation and estimates. We even provide financial plans that make your dream outdoor living space an attainable reality today.