An in-ground pool can substantially increase your property value in a state like Texas where hot weather isn’t restricted to the summer months. However, the impact your pool has on potential buyers will come down to your pool design.

Custom pool design is a great way to create the perfect pool for your needs, desires, and yard space. It also gives you the opportunity to marry function with beautiful aesthetics.

We’re here to offer you unique pool design ideas that, with our help, you can bring to life. These ideas reflect all of the latest trends and pool uses without sacrificing timelessness.

Read on for ten unique pool design ideas that will inspire you to create your own custom pool.

1. Plunge Pools for Small Yards

Oftentimes, homeowners with postage stamp yards feel that they can’t install an in-ground pool for lack of space. The good news is that a booming trend in real estate is the plunge pool, which can be as small as eight feet by three feet. Plunge pools are deepest in the middle, with either a floor that slopes upward around the edges or steps that wrap around the entire pool. 

2. Partially Covered Pools

Almost all American adults agree that indoor-outdoor living is more appealing and valuable now than ever before. By covering half or one-third of your pool with a patio or pergola, you can create that indoor-outdoor vibe and make your pool more suitable for all-weather usage. Plus, the patio creates shade, allowing swimmers to enjoy the water without getting roasted by that hot Texas sun.

3. Built-In Lounge Chairs

If you’ve visited a resort in the past few years, you’ve probably noticed the increase in sun shelves, a pool feature that includes water-resistant lounge chairs in shallow water. These pool-bound lounge chairs are perfect for relaxing, reading, or enjoying a drink in the pool without getting fully submerged. Many of them are also designed with a modern, aesthetically pleasing look that will give your pool an upscale appearance.

4. Water Features for Serenity and Movement

One of the most timeless pool design staples is the water feature. This can include waterfalls, fountains, and other features that create sound and movement that can drown out the noise from the street or surrounding backyards. A water feature not only turns your backyard into a serene oasis but can also contribute to your pool’s self-cleaning system.

5. Tile Colors That Pop

If you’re thinking of finishing your pool floor and walls with tile, why not think outside of the box? While green and blue tiles are a classic choice (and a great one), now is the time that homeowners are also embracing more unusual colors. Pink and orange tiles can create the illusion of a gorgeous sunset that will make you feel like you’re lounging at the beach.

6. Playful Elements

Whether you have kids, you’re marketing your home to families, or you simply want to experience that blissful joy of pool play, it’s important to consider adding one or more playful features. This can include diving boards, slides, and poolside basketball hoops, amongst other things. With the right eye for design, you can install features like water slides that blend well with other design choices and elevate the look of your pool, rather than standing out.

7. Proper Lighting for Nighttime Dips

One of the most appealing things about owning a home with an inground pool is that you can use it whenever you want, not just when the lifeguards open the gates. However, safety is of the utmost importance, and if you’re hoping to swim after dark you’ll need to add proper lighting. In-pool lighting presents an exciting design opportunity, as you can choose specific colors that transform your pool into a magical space. 

8. Nearby Fire Features

Another trend that is here to stay is the nearby fire feature that, once again, makes your pool an attraction at all hours of the day–and even into the chillier seasons. When you’re planning your pool design, consider allotting space for an in-ground firepit or vertical fireplace. If you’re adding seating to the area, make sure to choose waterproof cushions so that you can get straight out of the pool and warm up by the fire without having to change or dry off first.

9. Faux Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are all the rage in mountainous cities like Los Angeles. While we may not have the same towering hillsides in cities like Katy, TX, you can still create the illusion of an infinity pool, especially if your yard is on a slope. Include a glass wall on one edge of your pool without a surrounding deck to give your pool the appearance that it simply drops off. 

10. Poolside Bars and Outdoor Kitchens

Another resort feature that is making its way into residential indoor-outdoor living design is the poolside bar or outdoor kitchen. Design your pool to stop near your outdoor bar or kitchen and install barstools and tables or one long shelf in your pool. That way, you and your guests can stay in the cool water while enjoying an evening of outdoor drinking and dining.

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A custom in-ground pool can make your backyard the perfect hangout spot and increase your property value. With these unique pool design ideas, you can put together a backyard pool that is guaranteed to impress. Now, the next step is partnering with the right pool experts. 

At Sahara Pool Builders, we provide the latest 3-D design technology to make custom pool designing easy. Whether you know exactly what you want from your pool or have some vague ideas, we’re here to bring your pool design to life. Contact us to find out more and schedule your services today.