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Swimming Pools in Katy TX

Custom Designed Pools in Katy, TX

Sahara Construction & Custom Pools individually designs and builds every pool to meet our clients’ personal tastes and budget.

Sahara’s elite pool design team completely transform your backyard into the outdoor living area of your dreams. Whether you are looking for our team of qualified professionals to design your custom pool from scratch or you moved into a house with an outdated pool, Sahara can design you a flawless, in-ground gunite pool.

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Patio Covers and Custom Pools in Katy Texas

Sahara Construction & Custom Pools is your one stop shop! For years, Sahara Construction has been providing the residents of Katy, TX with top of the line products and service while helping bring their dreams and plans of the perfect home to life.

We are a full service contractor providing custom built swimming pools and patio covers that will match your homes existing architecture, cinder block framed outdoor kitchens, fire pits and other construction services.

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Custom Pool in Katy, TX Photo Gallery

Check out hundreds of Sahara Construction & Custom Pools pictures and video of recent in-ground pool installations, patio covers, outdoor kitchens and more!

All pictures and video are from recent Sahara Construction pool construction and other outdoor living projects. If you see a pool, outdoor kitchen or patio cover design you like, please note the name of the project and our designers can give you every detail of that project including materials.

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Looking to speak with a professional pool builder in Katy Texas?
The Sahara staff is here to answer your questions. Request a no cost consultation today!


Full Construction Builder, Specializing in Swimming Pools, Patio Covers, Outdoor Kitchens & More!

Sahara Construction and Custom Pools offer customized pool & patio cover designs for all types of homes. Creating an outdoor living space for your family to enjoy year around is a fun and exciting project. Homeowners love to help design and put their own intuition into the overall concept of the patio cover, then we make sure that it is structurally sound, well maintained, and will meet or exceed any city codes. Let our team of experienced designers and framers build you the pool & outdoor patio cover retreat you have always dreamed of.

Sahara Construction & Custom Pools have been building custom pools, maintenance, and patio covers for over 15 years. 

In addition to a custom pool and swimming pool maintenance, building a patio cover has many benefits, it allows you to extend your home/entertaining area into your backyard, helps with electrical bills since it will provide shade over windows, and even allows you to add value to your home!


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